Little Creek

This Monday morning we awakened to zero temperature and now at 10 a.m. it is 5 degrees. Too cold for comfort and roads too slick to travel. I just pray for those who have to be out to get to jobs and for our nations’ truck drivers. I have two sons and a nephew and cousins out on these dangerous highways.

Happy New Year to all my faithful readers. I must apologize for not having news in lately, but I depend on someone getting it mailed and with the holidays everything didn’t workout. Maybe we’ll get back on track if the weather will just cooperate.

I was so very saddened to get news that my dear friend Hildred Wallace Knight had been called home to heaven, not saddened that she was called home, but that I would miss her. Hildred never missed sending letters on my birthdays with updates on her family and with pictures. Hildred and I taught in the country schools and she taught at Clark one year, so we have been friends a very long time. Rest in peace sweet friend!

And our community lost one of our own Little Creek boys, Granville Beasley passed away and was buried in Veteran’s Cemetery in Springfield.

Granville was the last one of the gang consisting of Granville, Orville Degase, Rack Burton, Lewis Miller and Vernice Rippee, that grew up together on Little Creek. Granville remained true to his roots and would call and we’d reminisce for an hour or two of the good old days. Granville only had one sister and so he spent a lot of his childhood in my grandparent’s home and was close to my Uncle Orville.

Granville never missed coming back home for funerals or for special occasions. He was interested and involved in restoring and maintaining the Clark School building and was very pleased that it got repaired.

Granville cared deeply for his friends, he loved life and loved his friends and family.

I was privileged to spend another Christmas with my family and a New Years intrance with my two sisters and their families.

All my kids with their families came Christmas with good food and for a good time together. We missed having Donna and my grandchildren, Jessica, Jody and Aaron. Greg and Karen were happy that Jake and wife and new baby came from Texas.

On New Year’s Eve my nieces, Katrice Kirlin and Jamie Dry came and took me to my sister and brother-in-laws, Jean and Jim Frye’s for their annual party. We had such a good time visiting, playing games, eating and laughing together and listening to Tony and Joseph playing and singing. No one got sleepy and at the stroke of midnight several of the younger ones went over and rang the church bell. I got home at 1:30 and my two sisters with Jimmy and Randall and Norval and Robyn and Jamie stayed until 2:30. So we started the New Year off together hoping and trusting for a good 2014. Those here were Jim and Jean Frye, Ruby Satterfield, Jo Delp, Katrice Kirlin, Tony, Becky and Wyatt Ingerson, Jamie and Danny Dry, Benji and Dana Dry, Wanda Haynes, Robyn and Norval Tetrick, Rusty Frye, Joseph Taber, Randall Delp, Mike and Vickie Prock and Robert and Rebecca Moore with daughters, Montana and Cheyenne.

Happy New Year everyone.