Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center

Hello from our home to all the wonderful people out there!  Have you had your fill of ice, sleet, snow and zero degree weather?

As I sit here today we are enjoying rain.  Now rain is a good way to get rid of snow drifts and ridges-as long as it stays warm enough!  But a few degrees less temperture means “ice”  that we don’t need!  All this snow is really good for the soil though – so we will take what the good Lord gives us and be thankful.

Our Connie thought all of this chill demanded soup, so she and her cooking group prepared all kinds of vegetables and made a good supply of delicious vegetable soup.  We enjoyed it Thursday and Friday.  It is hard to stop with just one bowl, but we do.  And it was served with grilled cheese sandwiches and crispy cornbread, too.

My friend Ralph Laughlin came for a visit this morning and brought me some of his magazines and some candy.  He’s so faithful to visit with me, but I encouraged him to cut back bringing so much candy. His magazines are about amazing discoveries and what they could mean for each of us in the years to come.  It is really interesting, but I told him they raised more questions and less answers.

Our home is a good place to recuperate after being in the hospital, so many of them don’t stay with us very long, some take therapy to regain strength before going home but some have to make this their home and that takes a big adjustment.  I will say that everything possible is done to make this a good experience for them.   Many new residents  are my friends and acquiantances.  There is a good Christian atmosphere and kindness even in trying times.  But it is good and heart-warming when a resident gets well enough to go home.

Families are faithful to visit our residents and bring them treats and necessites to cheer them along in their recuperation.  Over the weekend we were glad to see a warming trend and the end of such bitter cold weather,  even though we don’t have to get out in it, other people do and it effects us.  We know it is too early for spring,  but we enjoy this warm respite.  We have a new resident that I ate lunch with today.  A very nice lady, that most of you will remember as LaVerne Norman Ashby.  She worked with the Divison of Family Services in Ava for 35 years.

Since then has remarried to a nice Christian man, but I didn’t quite understand his name.  We welcome Laverne to our home family and hope she enjoys our home-life.

It is nice weather outside today and people are going out to enjoy the difference.

I shared a few words with John Hamilton who was visiting among us today.  His sweater was beautiful and I jokingly tried to swap him out of it, but he said I couldn’t wear it because it was a man’s sweater and here I was thinking such a thing would not matter at all.  Oh, Well!

Goodhope General Baptist Church was here for the Sunday afternoon church services and we truly enjoyed the worship with them.   The Sunday School Class brought us a calendar and with note paper attached to it to write notes for the coming year.

Next Sunday is Girdner Church  at 2:00 in the afternoon.

Our prayers and sympathy goes out to the families of Mildred Mackey, Florence Shelton,  Jean Fergerson, Creeda Brown and Marie Dickey.   These ladies will be missed around our home.   The family becomes our family.

We would like to welcome new residents to our home, they are  LaVerne Norman Ashby, Thelma Philpott, Julia Nemeth, Charlene Bennett, Betsy Conrad,  Carl Sievert, Allene Camp, Dolores Farris and Lillian Currant.

Congratulations to Jean and Paul Smith on getting to go home.

God Bless You From Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center in Ava, MO