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Girdner Church

Congratulations to Bro. Paul and Sis. Pam, they are the proud grandparents of a new grandson. Can’t wait to meet him, so glad that he and his mamma are doing good.

Melanie came in this week and had a baby shower at Girdner Saturday. It was a very nice shower, was good to see her. We will be glad when her little baby boy gets here in April.

Sis. Maxine preached a wonderful message Sunday morning. She started in Matt 24:36-44. Her message was what if God came today. Suddenly, as it spoke of here in these verses. We don’t know when the Lord will come again, or when He will call us home. We just need to be ready, at all times. As it speaks in this chapter if the goodman of the house would have known when the thief was gonna come he would have watched, and not have let him break in. So shall we watch and be ready. We need to live the assurance that we are the child of God.

Sunday night Sis Maxine preached on the reality of hell. What a picture she did show us. Many things I had read and thought of about hell, but she brought out some I had not thought or heard preached. The Lord is not slack in His promise, that all should come to repentance. All thru the Bible it speaks of things in hell that we surely will all want to miss. The darkness, the torment , the flames of fire that will burn forever, and ever, the weeping and gnashing of teeth, no rest, forever being in torment. No peace, no mercy. No God. Only Satan and all his demons. Some have said , “Well, I’ll be there with all my friends.” There will be no parties in hell. As the rich man just wanted Lazarus to dip his finger in water and cool his  tongue and send him to go tell his brothers of that awful place so they wouldn’t come there too, that’s what we’d want if we ended up there , not to have a party, just keep our friends and loved ones from coming there too. The picture that was left in my mind after her preaching, was so real. A place I don’t wanta go or my loved ones or friends. So please, lets pray for each other and our families.

Bro. Gary’s Bible study Wed. night will be on the cross. We had a very good lesson this last week and invite all who would like to come and join us at 7 p.m.

In Rev. 20: 15 it says if our names are not written in the book of life we will be cast into the lake of fire. May we all search our own hearts and know that our names are written there, that we have done all that we know the word of God tells us we must do to make heaven our home, and have that assurance that we are a child of God’s!

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