Girdner Church

What a wonderful service we had Sunday at church!!! Sis. Maxine preached from Luke 13:6-9. The man who had a vineyard and had a fig tree that wasn’t bearing fruit. He told his dresser of the garden to cut it down. However, the dresser of the garden asked for a year to get it to bear fruit and if not he’d then cut it down. From this parable her question to us was, what if you knew you only had a year to live, what would you do different?  Sometimes a call or an appointment can change our thoughts and priorities in life.

Just recently a dear loved one had been faced with this. Their concerns, biggest being, was their salvation, had all their sins been forgiven and getting into the word of God. This hopefully on all our minds. When we stand before God, its too late to ask for his forgiveness then.  She spoke of a person that already passed away and they’re concern that they’d not had a chance to ask that person to forgive them for things that had happened between them. Sis. Maxine assured them when they became a child of God, and asked Him to be their savior, ALL sins were forgiven, never to be remembered by God, and all was under the blood of Jesus! So many other great things she spoke of, just can’t write it all. We also had a young lady accept Jesus as her savior that morning and there were a couple of our ladies that did some real shouting. It was a true blessing to be in service this Sunday.

Sunday evening was our singing and fellowship. Some great songs were sung, as well as, some very good testimonies with snacks and fellowship afterward.

Bro. Gary says Wed. night study will be, “When do you know when its really the Lord speaking to you , and if you have a time you knew that He did and would want to share this, you may. He says this might be a couple of weeks study. Sounds like a real good study to me. Starts at 7 p.m.

You may think you have everything in life you will ever need, but if you have not Jesus as your Savior, you have nothing. Not only do we need him, when trials come our way, to face the many troubles of this world, but to someday, finally to spend eternity with Him and meet our loved ones who have gone on before us.

In closing, something Sis. Maxine said, the only thing that’s certain, is things are uncertain. May we all draw close to God to face our tomorrows uncertainties.

May God Bless each and everyone.