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Gentry Church

Opening prayer to start out service was by Joie Welker. After singing, in our Sunday school lesson we studied about being humble. We should willingly humble ourselves at the outset rather than wait for God to bring us to the place of humility.

Gentry Church would like to welcome our new pastor, Keith Lafferty and his wife, Regina, to our church. If you don’t have a home church we certainly invite you to come and join us.

Among some of the happy birthday wishes missed the last few weeks were for Dylan Miller, Haley Beard, Ramona Henning and Stacy Welker.

Kolton Miller spent the holiday vacation with his parents, Doug and Sheila Miller, and went back to college last week.

We now have Bible Study on Wednesday nights at 7 p.m., everyone is invited. We are holding off on singing practice for a little while.

Our special song was by Wanda Casady and Rod Welker. Next Sunday is the fourth Sunday singing at Faith Rock Church at 2 p.m.

Some out of service with sickness were Delores Young, Steve Miller, Casey Merrifield, Kelly and Joanna Huffman. Prayers for them and also Doug Miller with back problems, Bill Swofford with heart problems and Richard Mitchell.

Pastor Lafferty brought the morning message from Genesis, chapter one. In the beginning the spirit of God moved. If we keep our minds on godly things the spirit of God is present. Aren’t we glad God gives us a second chance and a new beginning if we make the choice to follow him.

In our evening service our special song was by Wanda Casady, Ronnie and Sue Thomas, also one by Lena Hutchison.

Pastor Lafferty’s message was from 137th Psalms. Because of Israel’s disobedience they allowed their enemies to defeat them. When you are at your lowest moment God will help you. If we have a defeated attitude we can not win souls. Remember we are going to win this thing.

Last week when daytime temperature was in lower 40’s and freezing the night before, I seen a two and one half foot snake in the woods laying in the sun. It looked like a king snake, but wasn’t moving very fast. I had never seen a snake out this early, but Rod Welker said he seen one laying on the highway Sunday.

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