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Well good Monday morning to all my friends and neighbors.

My goodness I’m ready for some warm weather.

I told the boys I think I’ll build a good fire in the fireplace and get it real warm in the house so I can open the door for a little while just to see outside.  They didn’t say too much, but I’m guessing they were thinking about who cuts and carries all that wood. So, I guess I’ll just wait for warm weather before I open the door.

Anyway, we had real good services at Frye Church yesterday morning.  We had several visitors.  Just hope they become a part of our church family!

We also had good Bible study last night, few in numbers, but we had a real good study.

No news.  Ethan and I are just staying close to the fireplace this morning. He is watching a fishing program on TV.

I’m thinking if Grandpa can see down from heaven he’s thinking he did a good job in the seven short years he had with Ethan, that he did a good job teaching him to be a good fisherman.

Riley and Carson got to come down and spend the weekend with me and Ethan. We had a good time. Raegan had homecoming at school so she didn’t get to come. We’re going to plan another big weekend before long.

Well, no news here, so I’ll sign off for this time.

Remember, you are never alone, God is always with you.  Prayer changes things so tell God about your needs.

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