I hardly know where to start.

I’ll say good morningto all my friends and neighbors.

My goodness after all that snow, ice and cold temps I’m just here by the fire and don’t want to get out of my chair.

Anyway, I have to put a stick of wood in the fireplace pretty often.

I thank God for Roger and Ethan. They keep wood carried to the back porch for me.

Delmas came and had dinner with me and the kids on Christmas and he’s been back a couple of times just to visit.

Roger got a job at school and he’s been working for a week or so.

We were so happy that we got to have church yesterday. When you miss a Sunday or two it seems like forever.

We always enjoy Bro. Jeff’s sermons.

Ethan and Levi fished with the bass club on Saturday. J.D. Evans was Levi’s partner, Greg Evans was Ethan’s partner. They did good. Ethan was sick with the flu, but he said fishing made him feel better. Grandma had been giving him medicine juice and soup and trying to get him to drink lots of water. I think he’s going to be able to go back to work on Tuesday.

I guess you can tell I simply don’t have any news.

Haven’t been any place and nobody has called.

So I’ll sign off for this time.

Just remember you’re never alone. God is still there.