Faith Rock Church

Christmas is over and the beginning of a New Year has begun. I’m sure most of the kids are beginning to want back in school and get on with the new year. To look outside today is just beautiful with the sun shining so bright, but it is still bone chilling outdoors and nothing is melting yet. I haven’t been outdoors since before the snow began.

We had a very good Christmas celebration at church. Our dinner was especially good and Sunday the 22nd Sis. Leisa Rushton did a wonderful job with the Christmas play. We had a wonderful New Years at Faith Rock seeing the old year out and the new year in. We had several ministers who were given a certain amount of time to speak and some good testimonies of God’s goodness to us and went down to eat at 10 p.m. Everyone brought their favorite dishes and we had a good time in fellowship. We then went back upstairs for more special singing and were able to see the new year in prayer.

Our family had a good Christmas and were very thankful to be all together. We all took food to our daughter and son-in-law, Sherry and Wes Wallace and family’s home for dinner. Teresa and John Gloyd and their daughter, Jordan from Springfield were with us as was Andrew Huffman, Kayla, Illa and Sawyer Huffman. Jerry and I and my sister and her husband, Lorene and Don Byrd from Mountain Grove and the Wallace’s neighbors across the street. We had a good time and appreciate God’s goodness to us by letting us all be together one more Christmas.

I heard over the weekend that Sammie Lawrence had passed away. I think they have a farm somewhere close to Oldfield. He went to school here and his wife, Eva, was a good friend of mine, was sorry to hear of his death.

Our church family have been praying for Sis. Dee Murdy, Bro. Victor’s wife who has been in the hospital at Cox South the last two weeks and we would appreciate all your prayers for them.

We have a brother-in-law, Kenneth Davis of Jefferson City who will be having a very serious upper back surgery the 9th of January.

Bro. and Sis. Martin haven’t been able to be in church for a long time and I’m sure Bro. Ross would appreciate everyone’s prayers, that he might be up and about again. Sis. Earnestine isn’t well either. We sure miss our friends and neighbors we haven’t seen for awhile. I hope everyone stays warm and safe through the rest of this cold spell. God bless you all.