Eastern Gate and Around the Mountain

Christmas….what a wonderful time of the year, we did a lot of celebrating with family. We spent Christmas Eve with my brother, Howard and his wife, Phyllis. We then had our kids and grandkids all at our house for Christmas Day. It is so much fun to laugh and play games with the family. I guess I am getting ahead of myself. Lets get back to how we started the Christmas season.

With all the snow and ice, I know a lot of things got either cancelled or put on hold. Our church cancelled a lot of our practices, but the show did go on. I think it was a huge success. The kids and adults that helped were so appreciated. We tried to show that every part of Christmas should remind you of the real reason for Christmas. The tree represents everlasting life, the presents represent the greatest gift ever given, the candy cane represents the shepherd’s staff and we ended with a family reading the Christmas story and reminding everyone to tell people that Jesus is the Reason for the Season.

We went to watch our grandkids in their Christmas program the next night. Let me tell you, nothing is better than to watch your grandkids working for God.

God did bless us with much better weather for Christmas. I know several families had to travel to go see family.

It was after Christmas by the time I got to the nursing home with gifts for Aunt Max and Angie. I told them since their Christmas tree was still up it still counted. While I was there, my good friend, Betsy Conrad was brought in for some therapy. She was in a car wreck, and needs our prayer for some speedy healing.

I have several more on our prayer list, my cousin Traci lost her husband Christmas Day. Remember her family. Tina Johnson is still in Tulsa and her and her family needs lots of prayers. James and Debbie Lirley have both had surgery and need prayers for healing. Fay Pruiett is also back in the nursing home and not doing well. It seems I always leave you with a long prayer list, but that is what we as Christians are suppose to do, help pray for each other.

Okay, not that I think I have got everything caught back up, on to the future. We are looking forward to starting a new year. Lots of people make New Year’s resolutions. If you make one make it a good one. Promise to strive to serve God better or to smile more or maybe it should be to start every day with a prayer. Just some ideas to get you thinking. May God bless you with a great 2014.