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Do you take everything personally?  I know of people who have this problem and how very sad for them.  It does no good to tell them they are not the center of any world except their own.  If they feel put upon or like they are being targeted, rejected or whatever by anyone or anything, it does no good to tell them it most likely wasn’t personal or intended.  We are all the product of our raising, our society, and therefore we have different education and lives on which to base who we are, how we handle things. We must remember to forgive just as we pray for forgiveness for ourselves.  A nice saying came on the Internet, author not given:  “Keep only cheerful friends.  The grouches pull you down (keep in mind if you are one of those grouches)”.

There have been prowlers up on this hill in the wee hours.  They have been scared away by flood lights being turned on.  Of course, what these people are doing is intentional and definitely evil!  Do keep one ear “open” as this can happen to you, and this is why my huge dog is kept inside, especially at night, the little ones outside to warn us.

Eva White and I had a short phone visit and said she is doing well after some health scares last year.  I also had a nice short phone visit with Cathy Schultz, and with Angela Breedlove.  Bob & Dana Wagner keep a pretty close eye on me and are such good neighbors.  It would be nice if some of the neighbors would keep their dogs out of our pastures as on occasion they have been running the calves.

I just wish our mail people could get their act together as some of us have been receiving mail intended for others, especially the last few weeks.  We can only hope those getting our mail are honest enough to see to it that the mail gets to the proper recipients, including bills with payment dates, magazines, bank statements, etc!  This is not the first time we in the Dogwood area have had this problem.  Saturday some medication addressed elsewhere was put in my mailbox (it was addressed in cursive and I understand that is no longer being taught in schools).  Several more money requests have arrived here and I wouldn’t mind if they were put in the wrong mailbox – oops! That isn’t kind of me is it?  I have tried to report this to USPS and calls have been made to the Seymour post office by some of our neighbors, to no avail!  If you call the USPS 800 number you have to listen to a half hour of ads and no one ever speaks to you.  They don’t have to correct anything if they won’t speak with you.

Hope you have lots of firewood or propane – winter definitely isn’t over.

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