Dogwood Ramblings

Thursday the 9th the mailbox contained nine requests for money.  Then on Friday the 10th, three more requests showed up, and two on Saturday the 11th.  I know I should use their postage paid return envelopes and send everything back but even that gets old after awhile.  Many are requests for projects that the sender insists will help get this nation back on the right track.  Many are for various candidates, most of whom I’ve never heard of before.  And, most of them claim they are against the “change” we are undergoing.  Remember, that fellow in D.C. said this is the greatest country in the world so, “help me change it”.  What????  The change we need is to get rid of those politicians with felony and misdemeanor records, the obvious liars and manipulators, and get back to a Constitutional legislature – and once again loudly claim we are a Judeo-Christian nation in spite of what some legislators say and what Hollywood depicts in the junk they are producing to blindside and brainwash us.  There is far too much adulation of actors and sports “heroes” and not enough for our hard working American populace, our entrepreneurs, our taxpayers.

Friday the 10th was interesting and my first trip to town in a week.  Just down Dogwood Hill a bit a van had slid off the road and there were several icy areas – and the rain started pounding as I drove carefully into Ava.  The church parking lot was a challenge to maneuver without falling down.  However, now that nasty winter weather seems to be behind us, we face high water and muck.  By the time I got home my shoes and socks were saturated.

Sunday there were even spots of ice on Hwy 14 on Dogwood Hill.  Speaking of ice, it was great seeing the national ice skating events from Boston.  Gracie Gold came out on top and she is originally from Springfield from what I heard.

No news trickling in.  Guess I need to get back to the fun event facing everyone – getting ready to file taxes.  Be good, be well, wash your hands frequently and keep them away from your eyes – the flu bug is on the move!