Dogwood Ramblings

Kathy Salern called with some interesting information.  She and I grew up in the same area of Los Angeles and she said that Hollywood Park was being dismantled, all except the casino.  This horse racing park isn’t actually in Hollywood, it is in Inglewood.  Both Kathy and I have family buried in Inglewood Park Cemetery and we both discovered it hasn’t been safe for many years to visit there as it is a very anti-white climate.  At the time she called I had company so we couldn’t visit for long.

Eva White showed up at Bob and Dana Wagner’s place with some venison that they will put to good use.  Bob & Dana have been here to visit.  My cat Feather absolutely loves Dana.  Bob has been picking up the mail for me almost daily.  Tony Williams called from Louisiana.  Tony and Pierre Turcotte used to own the farm that now belongs to Randy Boeddeker.  Pierre passed away in Quebec many years ago.  Tony is now retired but still plays the organ and leads the singing for his parish in Franklinton, LA.

Saturday the 21st would have been Willie’s 84th birthday.  Our sons called for one reason or another including this anniversary, also many family members from away and friends.  Also on Saturday an 8 page hand written letter arrived from Lajuana Flynn.  Lajuana and Frank Flynn moved from CA to Ava, MO in 1972 or so to dairy farm on NN Hwy.  Frank & Willie had worked at the same place in CA for several years, were good friends, and they were the reason Willie and I visited this area, and when Willie, the farmer, got Ozark Hills fever.  This was unexpected as when Willie returned from Korea he said he never wanted to see another hill.  We returned the following year and purchased our original dairy farm down off of AK and moved here in 1975.  I don’t recall exactly when the Flynn’s moved away and we had no contact since then, perhaps 1984 or so.  I located Lajuana on the Internet and wrote to her.  From her letter it seems she was thrilled to hear from us and sent us the sad news that Frank had passed away in May of 2009.  I intend to keep in touch.  Dec. 29th it is 23 years since Willie passed away in the dairy barn down on the Haynes farm when we had 8” of nasty, dangerous ice there.  His funeral service was on Jan. 2nd 1991 and family came from MN, ND, CA, VA and northern MO.

Tuesday the 24th Randy took down that huge oak tree that has been dead for two years.  Ka-thump!  Then, bless his heart he cut it up while Kim helped.  On Wednesday morning Randy loaded up his flatbed truck with the firewood and took it to the Chriss family.  Also on Tuesday grandson Nick and wife Sheila dropped in on their way to Arkansas.

Don’t ever complain about the price of a meal at a Chinese buffet.  It took me hours to prepare the ingredients and over an hour to fry up just the Cashew Chicken.  The meal was worth it and everyone brought something to add to the meal in addition to doing all of the cleanup afterwards.

By the time this is sent to the Herald for printing Christmas is behind us and the New Year looming. We had a joyous Christmas here with all the family and some friends.  I pray for good things for all, here and around the world, for some common sense by our legislators (for a change!); for an end to crime (yeah! right!), for an end to abortion and wars.  Remember to tell your family and friends that you love them, daily.  Give thanks for all you have.  A happy and healthy 2014 is prayed and wished for all.