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County Line

Juanita Kazenski of Illinois called me on Monday.

Donna Dodson was here on Monday. She also brought my mail every day.

John and Jo Stephens met Lisa Hensley and Seth at McDonalds on Fri.

Donna and I went to town on Saturday.

Bryse Dodson was sick over the weekend.  Corrina stayed home with him on Saturday while Michael and Donna went to Willow Springs to watch Chase play basketball.

Reece Goforth spent Friday and Saturday nights with Hunter Downs.

Macee Breeding spent Saturday night with Donna and David and went to church with them.

Quin Breeding spent Saturday night with Brade Koop.

Regan Koop and Albaney Wallace spent Saturday night with Megan Goforth.

Reece had an accident on his long board Sunday afternoon.  Teasha Davis came to Keith and Melanie’s and patched him up.  He didn’t break anything but is very bruised up and had some bad cuts.  I think the long board is now going to be a shelf on the wall.

February birthdays are Lana Stephens the 2nd, Axle Hill the 10th, Reba Pool the 12th, Eric Stephens the 20th, Donna Dodson the 21st, Reece Goforth and Brinton Bushong the 23rd.  Happy Birthday to all of you.

Happy  Anniversary February 14th to Johnny and Debra Reed in Kansas.

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