County Line

My sympathy to the families of Ruby Proctor and Elva Jean Bell.

Donna came by on Tuesday to take the news in.

She, Macee and Quin Breeding came by on Wednesday.

Reece Goforth, Cody Goforth and Ashley Riggs spent a few days with Dale and Glenda Evans.

Donna, Megan, Quin and Macee came by on Thursday and brought me some pies from McDonalds.

David and Donna were here on Friday.

Donna, Reece, Megan and Macee took me to town on Saturday.

Jessica Schneweis spent Wednesday night with Megan Goforth.

Corrina Dodson, Chase and Bryse visited Lynn and Joe Herrell and family.

Quin Breeding visited the Cody Prock family on Thursday and Saturday.

Donna went to the basketball games Saturday to watch Chase play.

Reece, Megan, Quin and Bryse all spent Saturday night with David and Donna and attended church with them Sunday morning.

Those here Sunday to celebrate my birthday were Butch and Diana Davis, Donna Dodson, Bryse Dodson,  Danny Bushong, Keith and Melanie Breeding, Reece, Megan , Quin and Macee, Ronnie Croney, Amy Iott, Dalton, Challa and Axle, Willie, Jolisa, Kelly Ashlin and friend. We had cake, ice cream and punch and coffee. I appreciate everyone for my gifts.

Juanita Kazenske called from Illinois.

Debra Reed stayed a few days with Brittany and Lynnox Torres.