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Church of the Living God

Thank the Lord for a beautiful day.

Let us remember to lift up the sick and our unsaved ones.

The morning message was on faith, something, I dare say, we could all have more of.

The Pastor spoke a few words on II Kings 2:9, Elijah and Elisha.  Elijah asked Elisha “what I shall do for thee?” and Elisha said a double portion of thy spirit.  We all need to pray to be granted a double portion and a mantle like Elisha received for Elijah.

Stay close to God and let the Holy Spirit lead.

A lesson in faith, Hebrews 11.

The very first verse tells us what faith is: the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:6, we have to have faith, it is impossible to please God without it.  Do we have faith the size of a mustard see?

We had a wonderful evening, too.   Bro. Joe Hickey brought the word Sunday evening.  Bro. Joe said God had given him the message then changed it before church.

Bro. Joe’s message was in Hebrews.   A wonderful testimony of where God brought him from and God’s plan for him now.  Bro. Joe’s message was very different from the Pastor’s, but very uplifting.

Joe spoke of the faith of the saints of old, Enoch, Noah, Abraham, Sara, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph and Moses.   For a special blessing read and reread Hebrews 11.  There are many blessings contained in it.

Come visit us and see what we are all about.  You will find the church at the corner of NW 6th Avenue and NW 7th Street.

Pastor Gary Moore, 543-3785 and Bevy, 683-8106.

The mountain top is great, but in the valley there is fertile ground ––  By Bro. Joe Hickey.

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