Church of the Living God

News from two weeks ago – Sunday, January 5 and Wednesday, January  8.

It’s a cold morning, but we can have a wonderful day in the Lord. He blesses anytime and in all kinds of weather.

We had many prayer requests and God hears and answers each one.

Morning message was Isaiah 55:9. They are very uplifting words.

Are we as Christians doing everything we can to spread his word?

Christians need to be separated from the world and its sin, we are here for but a season. We are in the world, but not of it.

Sunday evening was a very spiritual and uplifting service. We had a candlelight service. God was very present in the service and blessed us greatly.

Come visit us sometime. We are located at the corner of N.W. 6th Ave. and N.W. 7th St.

This weeks news – It was wonderful to be back in church. Bad weather and slick roads kept us home Sunday and Wednesday evening, the fifith and eighth.

Pastor Gary brought a very spiritual message. The message was Phil. 4:11-20. It talks about being content. Are we ever content in our life for every long? Or are we always looking for something else to bring contentment into our lives?

“But my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory.”

It doesn’t say “wants” so keep that in mind.

The pastor’s other scripture was Malachi 3:6-15, “For I am the Lord, I change not…” The rest of the verses are so good and prove me now here with saith the Lord of host. He talks about opening the windows of heaven, pour out a blessing – there shall not be room enough to receive it.

The evening message was by Chad Emmerson. His message was on baptizing, not only water baptism, but also the holy spirit, Matthew 3:11-17. Jesus came to John to have him baptize him. John was sure he wasn’t worthy, but Jesus said do. Prove Him, Jesus has promised us so many wonderful blessings. Prove Him, He cannot lie.

We are at the corner of N.W. 6th Ave. and N.W. 7th St.

Pastor Gary Moore can be contacted at 543-3785 or call his wife, Bevy at 683-8106.