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Caney Church News

Caney met this wonderful Sunday morning singing praises.

Bro. Jack Essary welcomed every one. He took prayer requests and praise reports.  We have many concerns.  No matter how many, we have a God that can handle it.  Sis Lila Roberts led in prayer.

Jack read Luke 19: 1-10 for our devotional.  God is good to save those that are lost no matter what we’ve done. He loves us.

After Sunday School, Happy Birthday was sung to Jim Lafferty.  God bless him.

Charlee Lafferty sang while the offering was received.

A testimony from Lorrinda Coulter.

Pastor Bill spoke this evening from John 10:24, 9:1-23, 10:9-13.  Jesus tells us plainly He was and is the Son of God.  It is up to us to believe or not.  Do not be fooled.  Only through Christ can you enter Heaven.  God knows us all by name.  He loves us, but we have to believe and follow His word and live it the best we can.  We pray the whole world will believe on Christ.

Come be with us at Caney.  You are welcome.


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