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01-26-14. Thank you Lord for a pleasant, warmer day full of sunshine. This is a very welcomed change after some of the days we’ve had.

Sunday school began with the reading of Psalms 120. Sister Sue Thomas gave the opening prayer. Our lesson came from II Timothy, chapters one and two. Paul is continuing to instruct Timothy how to be, as well as, preach how Christians are to act for an example, to those who have not accepted Jesus Christ. Sister Michelle Lee brought out a point to remember with verse 23 in the second chapter stating, “But foolish and unlearned questions avoid knowing that they do gender strifes.” There are those amongst us yet today that will ask questions not to learn, but in attempt to create argument hopefully to expose the Christians as nonsense. We are to avoid these because others are watching and if we try to “win” an argument it can result in turning some away. Pray, before going forth as a witness. If God has led you to witness to someone He has prepared the heart of the one He sent you to. The total lesson is to encourage us to keep on keeping on.

After congregational singing we had specials from my little great niece, Sydney Wllis. We are glad to have her mom and dad, Michael and Laura Willis and papaw, Mike Willis. David Williams played on the piano while Susie Sisco accompanied on the organ keyboard. It is so beautiful and full of hope for us believers. Brother “Cub” (Joe) took the sermon from Romans, chapter 3. We are all sinners Jew and Gentiles alike. We all were born with the innate nature to sin: we all stand in the need for a Savior. The Christian believer has hope. We are told we are justified freely by His grace through the redemption in Christ Jesus. God set forth for us to place our faith in the precious blood of Jesus by His righteousness for the “remission of sins that are past through the forebearance of God.” You can’t work for it; your works are filthy rags before Almighty God. You can’t buy it; it is a free gift from God. Praise God that money can’t buy it for the most of us would suffer eternal damnation and seperation from God. Jesus purchased and paid the price for our salvation. If His mercy is rejected a wrathful God will condemn those to eternal suffering and punishment. God gave His only Son to build a bridge back to Him. What kind of anger and sorrow would we feel if a people full of hate put our innocent child to death. The only thing Jesus was guilty of was love for us and the desire to correct one man’s sin that caused us all to be seperated from our God. We as mortal beings would hope to see justice done to those who murdered our child. We would seek punishment for the guilty. How much more would an Almighty, All Sovereign God do to those who rejected His gift of Salvation by the death of His Son? You can avoid God’s wrath by only one way. Jesus shed His blood to give the supreme sacrifice that was needed to cover our sins. Please don’t reject Him. Times are worsening and recognition of offenses to God are quickly fading. The end is drawing nearer and the only thing that stands between Heaven and Hell is your acceptance of Jesus Christ as your Savior. Don’t delay. Accept Him as your Savior today.

Please remember to pray for the sick, our military and those who have had a loved one pass away. Pray they may receive comfort that can come only from God. Remember the Peebles family in the loss of Josephine. May God’s love surround all who are broken hearted.

I hope you will consider what has been written today and find a church to worship and grow in knowledge. Just know you will be gratefully welcomed here at Breedon. God bless you all this week.

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