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01-19-14. Psalms 48 begins with “Great is the Lord and greatly to be praised.” Today is a beautiful, sunny day and is very welcomed after the cold weather that we have been having. Our Sunday school begins with the reading of Psalms 53 then on to 1st Timothy, the 5th chapter for our lesson. More instructions are given for how to respect our elders of the church and treat our widows. If the widows are under 60 years old, the church is not required to care for them. Rather they are to marry again if they had been married only once and this husband died. If the older widows have sons and/or nephews, it is these male relatives that are to care for the widow so the church can care for those that have no one else. The younger widows can get into more trouble so it is better for them to re-marry. During this time, the church was the only welfare and charitable program so they had guidelines to follow so their money would not run out. The remainder of this chapter gives further instructions for the good works a Christian shoud do. We go on into the 6th chapter where Paul is instructing Timothy concerning the duty of servants, the love of money and advice to him in keeping his responsibilty in avoiding profane and vain babblings. To those that erred in the faith and professing their false speaking, Timothy is also to avoid them. Although this is written to Timothy in matters a spiritual leader will be faced with, it would still apply to us as we walk our Christian walk today.

The time of worship began with congregational singing followed by specials with David Williams, Wilma Hampton and Susie Sisco. Our little ones reviewed with their teacher, Michelle Lee, about their lesson and sang specials afterward. They were so cute and precious. I pray for our youth of America. It seems so many have gone astray and Heavenly Father I trust that you will bring them back. Brother Cub (Joe) brought the message from Hebrews 12:1-17. Christians let us encourage one another to lay aside the weight and burdens or sin that so easily besets us. Give it to Jesus who bore our sin on the cross where He bled and died that we may have mercy and salvation. If we are suffering chastisement for doing something that a Christian shouldn’t do, count it as a blessing. We as humans are so far from perfect and we will still sin. We should strive not to, but the difference is the children of God have an advocate on our behalf. This fact does not allow for us to continue in our sins because you will feel God’s chastisement or punishing your soul just as an earthly father would give correction when you misbehaved. If you don’t receive this chastisement, you are not His. If earthly fathers correct us out of their love that we may grow to be responsible, well-behaved citizens, how much more love is shown from our Heavenly Father. The first verse speaks to us to look deligently that no man fails at the grace of God.  In the 16th verse it mentions Esau who was rejected because he sold his birth right and therefore God’s blessing was removed. Esau sought with tears for a place to repent but none was given. There is an old song I always loved called “Don’t Put Off Salvation Too Long.” There is no guarantee that God will deal with you any longer if you continue to reject His son as He was given that you may have eternal life with Him. Please seek the Lord while He is near and can be found.

There is much sorrow in our community with the loss of loved ones. Lets remember Cliff (Jolly) Johnson and his children with the home going of Tina. Remember her sisters and brothers and the rest of the family. We have a report that Ernie Stall also went to be with the Lord so remember his family. Remember to pray for others that may be broken hearted. There is a request made for prayer for Dale Thomas and Richard Mitchell. Please God, lay your healing hands upon them we pray. May God bless you all and have a good week.

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