Breedon News

01-12-14. Today we get to gather to worship. Praise God! The weather has had attendance down, but here we are and were are ready Lord. A lot of flu and sickness are going around so my prayer is for all to have a speedy recovery.

Our Sunday school began with the reading of 1st Timothy the 4th chapter with discussion following. This chapter summarizes being an example to those we walk amongst. Be careful of taking sayings for truth if you haven’t seen it in the scriptures for there are those who put on a fake righteousness, but they are full of hypocrisy and lies. Some faiths then and now do not want their clergy to marry yet it is an ordiance commanded of God. There are some today who will not eat certain meat as it was instructed under the law. But today we are not to call anything of God common or unclean. This is found in Acts 10:15. Some today are doing just the opposite of what God has forbidden and ignoring what He has commanded for us to do. What profit do our bodies gain if we exercise and yet pay no attention to having godliness within us. I would like this to be an excuse for me to eat all I want, but this is not the way to go unfortunately. The human body needs care to keep them healthy and this is by getting exercise and a healthy diet. But what are you gaining if you strive to keep your mortal body healthy and ignore the commandments of God? Jesus is the only resolution to have good spiritual health. If you don’t have Jesus, your physical healthiness is going to betray you when you reach your eternal distination.

In all things, we Christians are to be examples to those that remain in darkness. Paul is also instructing Timothy to continue to lay hands on the presbytery which some at that time failed to do. Remember this when you attend an ordination service and watch the elders or other clergy by laying hands on the one that has been ordained. This is such a spiritual blessing and I just want to Praise God even more as the Holy Spirit surrounds that service. There is just nothing that can compare with a Holy Spirit revival or service.

We entered into worhsip with congregational singing. Sister Wilma Hampton, Susie Sisco and Brother David Williams sang. After congregational singing Bro. Cub (Joe) takes a sermon from Ephesians 6:12-17. This is a familiar scripture to seasoned Christians, but it very much one that we should keep in mind as we travel through this world. “Put on the whole armor of God that we might stand against the wiles of the devel.” We can’t defeat Satan, but Jesus can and already has. We are not “battling with mortal blood. It is against principalities, powers and the rules of the darkness of this world and there is spiritual wickedness in high places.” This is true yet today I will not say this is the case with all of our leaders, but is definitely the case of some, both Republicans and Democrats. The Christians even though it looks high in number by surveys, the true child of God is in the minority. We are to “stand fast girding our loins with truth, having on the breast plate of righteousness, and our feet shod with the prepartion of the gospel of peace.” We must keep reading the Bible and keep the faith or we are setting ourselves up as an open target for Satan to throw his wicked darts. Let’s pray for one another that we will keep on keeping on and remain a good example to those that remain in sin. God bless you all this week and stay well.