Breedon News

12-29-13. Good day to all from Breedon Church. I trust everyone had a Merry Christmas. Here in a few days the year 2013 will come to an end and 2014 will begin. My prayer is all will be safe and may we all have a closer walk with our Heavenly Father.

Our Sunday school began with the reading of Psalms 46. Brother Lee Hampton gave the opening prayer. Today’s lesson is from Ist Timothy the 3rd chapter. This chapter list the guidelines and instructions for bishops and ministers and deacons. There are instructions for the deacon’s wives as well. We had a very good discussion following the lesson. I love our Sunday school and I learn so much from our open discussions. We missed you, Ronnie Thomas, Danny and Michelle Lee and your input. I really hate it when Ronnie and Danny misses because that is two less people I get to aggravate. Well, okay I just miss having you here, but I know this is a busy time of year to hit family get-togethers and we can just get worn out. We were glad to have Bobbie and Larry Miller, their daughter, Callie and her friend, Gracie Story. I just enjoy singing with Bobbi so much. We are so thankful you came today.

I got a wonderful surprise to have two of my nephews here today with their families, Michael and Laura Willis and their children, Isaac and Sydney, who sang us a sweet special song. It was so good to see his brother who I haven’t got to see in awhile, Danny and Katie Willis and their children, Elizabeth and Jacob. Then, in walks my sister and husband, Judy and Mike Willis with their granddaughters, Mikeayla and Emma Stutesman. Judy’s daughter, Rachel Stutesman, had surgery this week so her and her husband, Jason, wasn’t able to be here. What a blessing for my sister. She got to be in church with two of her three children and all of her grandchildren. I would like to have this blessing and pray that one day I too can have my children and grandchildren in church with me. Help me pray for my niece to have a speedy recovery and for family while she is down.

We entered our worship time with congregational and special singing. I have not got to hear my nephew, Michael sing since he was a young lad. He said he sings only once a year and that is at Christmas. Since we are still in the Christmas season he sang in Latin and had the congregation sing the song in English after he finished the Latin version. It was beautiful and I was so blessed.

Today’s sermon comes from St. Matthew, chapter 5, the sermon on the Mount. Jesus speaks the beattitudes to a multitude that has followed Him and His disciples. The beattitudes teaches us how to live as Christians to gain His blessings. He encourages those there on that day that even though they may be persecuted for His sake they can know there is a reward waiting for them in Heaven. We still can know this today for the beattitudes still applies to us today. We may be persecuted, stomped down, and made fun of, but it is nothing compared to how the early church was persecuted and we too will have a Heavenly reward if we follow Him and do His word. I was so uplifted when Phil Robertson from the reality show “Duck Dynasty” spoke his Christian views. We can boldly speak our Christian views and I believe that is our right. The sinful world can twist it and turn it, but sin is sin. God’s word is very clear on what is right and wrong and He gives us what we need to endure against those that oppose His truth and teachings. This was proved by what happened to Phil Robertson. Praise God that we Christians rallied to support him and we should do it each time a fellow brother or sister is attacked. There was no angry violence. There was only Christians that stood up for God’s word. We are on the winning side and Satan knows it. He is working very hard to destroy us that have Jesus in our hearts. He has no power over Jesus and he knows that too. Even if we die as Christian martyrs we can be like Stephen, the very first Christian martyr. While he was being stoned to death he said, “I see Jesus.” This life is temporary and vanishes as fast as a vapor. If we die spreading the gospel of Jesus it will be a part of God’s plan and His will will be done. He will not leave us or forsake us because He said He wouldn’t. Should my life come to an end because of testifying of Jesus’ saving mercy then so be it. I know I will see Jesus too just as Stephen did.

I look forward to tonights 5th Sunday Singing. I always enjoy the worshipping of songs and praise to our Almighty God with fellowship afterwards. It is such a privilege we have here in the USA that other countries don’t have. If they get caught worshipping God or His Son Jesus, they are tortured or killed. I am so thankful we can still worship with freedom without fear.

The next Fifth Sunday Singing will be March 30, 2014 at Pleasant Ridge Baptist Church, so mark your calendars. God be with you all and have a blessed and Happy New Year.