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Bethany Baptist Church

It was a remarkably beautiful day Sunday morning that made it easier for the faithful to come out to church. Some of the folks, Bobbye Priddy, Darlene Sorensen, Sally and Kaytlyn reported that they had gone out for walks Sunday afternoon in order to get the benefit of the fresh air before the temperatures fell again.

Six members of our church attended the Youth Mental Health First Aid Workshop that was held Friday in the Boardroom at Ava R-1 Schools. The eight-hour training was designed to teach lay people methods of assisting a young person who may be in the early stages of developing a mental health problem or who may be in a mental health crisis. Because early intervention can be the key to recovery it is important that people like Sunday school teachers and Youth leaders who work with young people have some knowledge about the signs that there is a problem and how to respond in a way that is helpful.

Bob Helms suffered complications after a medical procedure last week and is in a hospital in Little Rock. We are also praying for Bob’s wife, Peggy, for strength through all this. Other special prayer requests were for Rhonda, Roy W, and Adam Crabtree.

Norma Stillings played the piano at the Heart of the Ozarks, Saturday morning. Tom Hawkins read from John 10 to give residents reassurance. Norma also visited with several residents.

Happy birthday was sung to Alan Stillings. Darlene Sorensen and her daughter, Sally, sang a special song before Pastor Bob brought his message, “God’s Hot Line.”

If we compare praying to the making of a phone call we can say that the prayer line to our Heavenly Father is always open. The lines are never down, there is no loss of time looking through a phone book, and no dialing a wrong number. Just pick up the phone and start talking to the One who always understands our needs and has the answers for our problems.

There will never be a problem of identifying who you are or of explaining why you have called. You do not have to go through an operator and you won’t have to have a secretary tell you that “God” is out or in a meeting, or put you on hold.  You won’ t have to “press 1” or “press 2” or leave a message. The only thing that can prevent your call from going through and getting a positive answer is if you have knowingly allowed unconfessed sin in your life. Be sure to keep the line open on your side. You may not have time to confess a month-load of sin in a time of emergency.

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