Bethany Baptist Church

The folks at Bethany Baptist Church were very glad to the see the sunlight and enjoy warm temperatures, Sunday morning. Almost everyone had stayed inside during the really cold weather of a week ago and some had been stranded at home for over a week because the side roads just did not clear up until this weekend.

Joe Banks worked inside on some of the unfinished projects in their home that he built a year ago. Pat was glad for that, but someone said that she might be happy to get him out of the house. He has a lot of projects going on outside as well.

Jim Corder was probably just as happy not to have to bring his tractor and blade to town to clean off the church parking lot. He has plenty to do at his shop.

Pastor and Darlene Sorensen were glad that the Arkansas roads were clear so that Luke could make a safe trip Saturday. He brought Cami with him again.

Norma Stillings had managed to visit Rocky Ridge and Ava Place Residential Center in between snow storms, but Dan drove her to the door at the Heart of the Ozarks for a couple of her visits there so she did not have to miss the Saturday morning worship with Tom Hawkins or the chance to visit residents.

The pizza and movie night that was postponed last week, will be held this Friday evening. The Ladies Bible Study will be held, Thursday, January 23. The ladies are studying the Book of Nehemiah, “Rebuilding in the Rubble.”

Pastor Bob Sorensen spoke on “What can we expect from the Lord in 2014?” We know that our Lord is still the Almighty God and he is still on the throne. We have nothing to fear because he is able to take care of us. The Lord is still all powerful. There is no limit to what he can do, for with God all things are possible. He will still be forgiving, faithful, loving, and giving. We know that our Lord does not change. If we confess our sins he is still faithful to forgive all those sins. He is still faithfully watching over the fowls of the air and he will still be watching over us. He still loves us even though he knows all our faults. He still loves us as he did when he went to the cross to pay the ultimate penalty for all our sins. He still loves us enough to save us when we ask, sincerely believing and trusting. He is still giving good things to those who trust him. There is no gift greater than to give your life blood for someone else’s sins but he also promises to be with us  always, giving us blessings for our daily lives. What can God expect from you this year?