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This month we have been very blessed to have Bob Huskey fill in for our regular preacher.  We appreciate his willingness to worship with us.  Valentine’s Day is coming up fast.  We would appreciate any Valentine’s  Day cards you may wish to donate.  We are planning a party and the residents do love to hand out goodies and cards to each other.

So far this month we have celebrated the birthday of Opal Noreen Pellham and staff member Katrina Shelton.  Happy birthday to you all!!!



You’re my Someone Special this week is Mabus Weaver. Mabus Rose Garner was born in Hartville, MO May 25, 1921 to Martha (Mattie) and Charles (Charlie) Garner.  She came from a large family of 4 boys and 4 girls.  She was named after her Aunt Rose.  After high school Mabus taught in a 1-8 grade school house.  She taught for 6 years.  Then she married the love of her life.

Mabus was married to Verlin Weaver Dec. 29, 1943.  They married in Grovesprings at Preacher Bogart’s home.  Their witnesses were not able to make it because of snow and ice. They were stuck outside of town, so Preacher Bogart asked that his wife and neighbor stand up for them.  Verlin was home for his holiday break from the military.  He was stationed in Texas at the time. They were blessed with two wonderful children.  Their son is Ronald and their daughter is Beverly.  They have four grandchildren and eight great-grandchildren.  Verlin became a preacher in his 30’s.  Mabus is very proud of him for this.  She loved being a minister’s wife.  Mabus is pleased that they were able to raise a good family with love and discipline.

A few of Beverly’s early memories were how every morning her Mom would make a farm breakfast of biscuits and gravy with bacon.  Starting the day with prayer was always done in their home.    The biscuits that were not eaten that day went into a large crock.  When heading out the door for school or church in her patent leather shoes she would grab an old biscuit and polish her shoes with them.  She loved having shiny shoes.  She also said that they always had a lot of fun.  They had serious times as well, but they always were able to laugh and have a good time.  Mabus said that she has no regrets in her life.

Mabus had many hobbies and talents.  She played the piano and organ for many years at church.  Here at Ava Place she has shared her musical talent with us several times.  Every one knew they could count on her for the most beautiful music.  She also enjoyed crochet and embroidery.  She made all the family clothing.  She worked with her husband in the fields and in the barn.  She milked cows and grew a fabulous garden.  You could even see her in the field bucking hay.

What an amazing woman Mabus is and has always been.  She is a great example to everyone in her life.  Her family spends a lot of time with her and getting to know them all has been such a blessing for us.  She is a amazing wife, mother, grandmother and friend.  Mabus wanted to make sure she told me she “has had a good life”.  We are all so blessed to be around such and incredible woman!


Babs Smith

Ava Place Activity Director

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