Ava General Baptist Church

Wow, it was so good to be back in worship this week.  It seemed more like a month than a couple of weeks, but praise God for warmer weather!  We started a new year with renewed hopes of a fruitful year ahead.  Bro. Oren wants to get back to the basics of our faith and walk with Jesus so we will begin a series of sermons about why we believe what we believe.  It should be a great revival for all of us, not only on a personal basis, but as a body of Christ.

We have some prayer concerns for those we know in our church family and in our community and nation.  We were glad to see Velma Smith, Arthur Stamper and J.D. Ross back in worship.  Please pray for their continued recovery. Keep Katherine Coats, LaVern Ashby, Lester Thurman, Louann Curry, Doris Elliott, Ruby and Norman Alcorn on your prayer list this week, as well as some of the others mentioned in worship and Sunday school classes.  Our nation needs prayer for wisdom and our missions in foreign lands are taking a big risk now a days, risking their lives in order to spread the word of God.

As Bro. Oren began his message entitled “Finding Polaris”, he read scriptures from Acts 17:10-15.  When Paul and Silas were run out of Thessalonica to Berea, they took the word of God with them.  The people in Berea were anxious to hear the word and they started examining the scriptures that Paul was talking about to see if there was any truth to what they had been told by these men.  What they found was the truth in God’s word and it was revealed to them that Paul and Silas were true messengers of God’s word.  Of course when the Jews of Thessalonica found this out, they banished Paul and Silas from Berea.  In order to stay true to God’s path, we need to stay in the word daily.  As Bro. Oren points out, Jesus is like the North Star.  If we keep true to Him and study His Word we will always find the truth and the right path.  Jesus said to follow Him and not look back at the past.  Our future is always with the Lord God.

We are so excited with our new website at www.avageneral.com.  We will be putting all events, prayer list, and weather closing alerts on this website so please look us up and stay current on the business of the church.  We also want to point out that we also have our articles of faith as well as our mission statements on the website.  This will get back to those basics of what we believe and why we believe it.  Please log on and see what our basis of faith is all about.  We will be continuing with putting new things and message and pictures on the website as we go forward.

On Jan 26th, there will be 4th Sunday singing from 2-4 p.m. and there will be fellowship following the evening service.

Have a wonderful week and keep your focus on Jesus and follow His direction for your life.  We sometimes struggle with doing things our way when we should be reading His word and taking direction from our Lord.  Stop and listen to God and continue to have faith in His will for us.  God bless.