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Bonnie Phipps had some surprise visitors Saturday from her daughter and husband, Ken and Debbie Cederlind and daughter and husband, Moe and Kaylynn Todd and Alaya and then Cecilia Edwards and Danny Thurman came over and they all had dinner with Bonnie.

Bonnie and Cecilia went to church Sunday and I think a lot of people got out this Sunday because God gave us a beautiful day to be out.

I took my news and eggs to Donna last Monday and then that evening I went to my O.E.S. meeting where we had our D.D.G.M. come and visit our chapter. We had several visitors from other chapters.

I went to town last Tuesday and paid some bills and picked up some medicine and then that evening when Ellis got off work he came by and I gave him some of the pea salad that I had from the night before.

Thursday I took the eggs into the courhouse and then I picked up the Blakey quilt while I was in town.

Sunday after church I went over and visited with Roxie Heimeyer, Ruth Hall, Bea Christy, John Haskins and I went in to Dorthy Bock’s room, but, she was asleep and her roommates family was in there. It turned out to be Larry Hutchinson and his wife. The lady was Mrs. Hutchinson’s aunt and I didn’t get her name.

Lets keep our sick folks in your prayers because a lot of them still have a long way to go. The ones in the nursing home are also in need of our prayers.

My prayers and sympathy go to all the ones who have lost a loved one. The list keeps getting bigger.

Lets keep our leaders and the men and women in the service and their families and the ones in training in our prayers.

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