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Bonnie Phipps said that she got out and went to church Sunday.

I had Jett a few days this week and last Monday while he was here James came by and played with him until he went to watch Lakota play ball.

I took my news and Donna’s eggs in that evening and went with Mary Martha Williams, Doris Morrison and Carol Moore to Mansfield to their O.E.S. Meeting where they had their D.D.G.M. visit them.

I received a call last Tuesday telling me that my best friend, Marie Dickey, had passed away. It was a shock because I just talked to her Sunday and she seem to be just fine.

James came by Thursday played with Jett until Tara came and got him then he waited for Kristie to get off work so they could go to the ball game.

Friday was Marie’s funeral and there was lots of the O.E.S. members from other Chapters there. It showed what a great lady Marie was. We sure will miss her.

Those visiting in my home Saturday were Mark and Sherry Blakey, Mark Weston, Joel and Monica Reemes, Ellis Blakey and Nina Carter. Monica took my Christmas tree down for me.

After church Sunday I went to the lodge hall to practice for our D.D.G.M. visit Monday night and after I left there I went by Wanda and Bill Huffman’s, but they weren’t home so I stopped and talked with Thelma Chisam and she said she was going to have her knee operated on. There are so many of them having a knee operation.

Lets keep our prayers going for all our sick folks out there, some are in hospitals, nursing homes and some are just in there own home.

My prayers and sympathy goes out to Marie Dickey’s family and all the others who have lost a loved one.

Lets keep our men and women in the service and their families in our prayers and our leaders and the young ones that are in training.

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