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All Around Bradleyville

These sunny, bright days are very welcome around my house. I have been enjoying the sight of blue skies and warmer days. Even though we might have more bad weather, every day is closer to spring. Seed catalogs have arrived and I have been looking at all the varieties and would like one of each variety. The only thing that has never looked appealing to me is the purple potatoes. They just look rotten to me, just the thought of it and I’m afraid I wouldn’t be able to eat them.

We saw Jeff Lawrence come in at a ballgame last week and he is sporting a walking cast on his foot. Seems he jumped off a trailer and landed wrong and broke his heel. Hoping it won’t be long until he is good as new.

Bill Comer is having to spend several days in the hospital after suffering a heart attack and having two stents placed. He is doing good and hopes to come home soon.

It was a very scary time for Mike and Nancy Howie’s daughter Hannah, and her boyfriend and their daughter, Aaliyah last weekend when the Mexican restaurant where she works was robbed at gunpoint. Aaliyah was there at the time, but in the back room. So glad nobody was hurt.

According to my ball schedule, ballgames for this week are at Niangua all week, in the Mark Twain Conference Tournament. I don’t know any times, but you can call the school to find out. Next week both the boys and girls will play at School of the Ozarks on Monday, January 27 at 5 PM. The girls will play Greenwood at home on Tuesday, January 28 at 6PM and then the girls and boys both will travel to Hurley to play ball on Friday, January 31, starting at 5:30 that evening. It’s a little early to talk about but Homecoming will be February 7 this year.

Birthdays for the coming week include: January 23: Ann Blair, Jason Haden, Jackie Hodges, Greg Robertson, Kelli Stafford; January 24: Jonathan Blakey, LaDonna Johnson, Trinity Hunsaker, Maya Saffle; January 25: Emmett Dalton, Sherry Day, Linda Wiggins; January 26: Kim Gideon, Zach Hunsaker; Shirley Gott Stoecker, Donna Sloan; January 27: Derrick Puckett; January 28: Buddy Compton, Carol Hunsaker, Trent McHaffie, Jamie Miller; January 29: Job Krause, Jake Robertson.

Anniversaries for the coming week include: January 23: Rod and LaDonna Johnson

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