All Around Bradleyville

A new year with lots of new resolutions has begun, I suppose. It is a good time of year to think about what you might improve in the future but I don’t make resolutions because from my past experience I know I won’t follow through with most of them. I am wishy-washy I guess.

It was a -6 degrees at our house this morning. Bob said it was cold enough that the peepers quit peeping. Yes, just a joke, they hadn’t been peeping anyway. I noticed on facebook that was pretty average around this area this morning. The school kids are enjoying an extended Christmas break for no telling how much longer with a forecast of more snow later in the week.

We are warmer than some since we are pretty high up with no creek or branch nearby. Bill Hurst used to tell Bob that many times they had frost every month of the year except for two. Bill and Clessie’s farm sits right where two hollers meet. Bob thought a lot of Bill and sure has missed coon hunting and talking with him.

Saturday we spent a lot of the day at the make-up games for the Bradleyville Invitational Tournament. The girls won first place in the tournament with St. Joe, AR winning second and Lutie taking third place. On the boy’s side Bradleyville won second, St. Joe, AR took first place and Riverview came away with third place. We enjoyed getting to see the teams play. There was exceptional sportsmanship showed at these games.

Not much news to report. Call or e-mail me if you have anything.

Birthdays for the coming week include: January 8: Leona Hunsaker, Barbara Casey; January 9: Darla Day, J.D. Day, Venessa Mills, Gale Osburn; January 11: Greg Blair, Bill Dalton, Peggy Krause; January 12: Marty Boyd, Denise Flanigan, Everett Sartin; January 14: Kaitlyn Hunsaker, Corey Ridings; January 15: Linda Black, Jim Crouch, Manny Nelson.