“Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and he shall lift you up,” James 4:10.

On the 5th Gary and I went to Springfield, leaving at 5 a.m. and got back by 9 a.m. Gary had cataract surgery done on his left eye. On the way to Springfield we got into ice at Fordland and that was the only bad part that day. The next day we had to go to Ava in the snow. On the 12th Gary had to go to Springfield for his colonoscopy. The doctor removed four polyps. Gary will have it done again next year.

On the 11th Gary and I went to Ava and visited his mother, Maxine Turner and sister, Vicki Goodman. Vicki’s daughter, Regina Ross and her daughter, Ashli Womack and friend and Regina’s grandchildren, Kaidon Stout and Kolby Roscoe.

Since the weather has had ice and snow and cold temperature my church in Theodosia hasn’t had church service the past two Sundays. I sure do miss going.

Merry Christmas, Christ was born, lets celebrate the Savior’s birth. He gave us the gift of life. When you’re like me and have nothing you can give love.