Thornfield Southern Baptist Church News

Mrs. Alene Turner began services today by reading Psalms 23.

Happy Birthday to David Mahan and Kirby Reich.  Congratulations to Larry Turner on his recent retirement.

Please pray for Bailey Bennett, Cindy Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Graham, Barry DeWeese, Christopher Adams and Kim Watson.

Mrs. Tenaya Stone and children were visitors at our church today.

Our deepest sympathies to the families of C.H. Myers, Judy Silvey and Eula Wallace.

It was so good to be back in church today.  We had missed two Sundays due to bad weather.  Brother Leon Turner brought the Sunday School Lesson today about Courage.  Please read Matthew 1:18-25, 2:19-23.  Have you ever had to make a decision that required courage?  Joseph certainly had to make one concerning his situation with Mary.  Joseph and Mary were engaged to be married when she was found with child of the Holy Spirit.  What was Joseph to do?  Thankfully, after God sent him a vision, he did the right thing!  God wants us to do what is right at all cost.  God allows us to go through trials but gives us courage for them.  He is also always right there with us through them all.  Of course, it is easy to tell someone to have courage through their trial when we aren’t the one going through it!  We simply can’t get through these trials without God’s help.  What is God asking of you that requires courage?

Brother Leonard Hart brought the sermon today about The Gift of Christmas.  This Christmas we shouldn’t expect to receive but to give.  Every person that we come in contact with we should pass the gift of Jesus onto them.  The shepherds were in the field going about their business when an angel of the Lord appeared to them to tell them the good news of Jesus birth.  Can you imagine going about your everyday routine when a angel of the Lord appeared to you?  How would you react?  Maybe a little scared?  For sure, it would get your attention.  God has a way of making Himself known to you.  You can’t plan your salvation, you must be visited by God!  What a unexpected surprise it is when He comes to see you!  Your life will never again be the same.  When Jesus makes this visit to you, get on your knees and ask for forgiveness of your sins and He will give you a brand new life.  He will come into your heart to dwell forever!  Jesus wasn’t born a King or a Prince.  He was born in a barn where the animals lived.  He was born this way so that He could identify with everyone.  Salvation is not only for the rich, it is for every living soul.  Once you commit your life to God, GO DO His will for you, He will let you know what it is.

You can give the best gift in the world this year by sharing your Jesus with everyone you meet!

Please join us for Sunday School at 10 a.m. and Worship Service at 11 a.m.