Hopefully the weather will improve for the coming holidays when travelers need clear roads instead of ice and snow we have had.

Sympathy for the Joy Spencer family who lost their loved one, in the Elijah area.

I had a call and phone visit with David and Geneva King Saturday. It is still a hard time for them during holidays as they grieve over the death of Jim King each day. It was a loss for everyone who knew and loved Jim.

Maxine Smith has had a rough time with bronchitis. Best wishes to her.

We hope Tim Campbell gets better with his back injury when he fell.

It’s good to hear from friends at Christmas time and receive lots of greetings through the mail.

Sympathy for Judy Silvey family.

Thanks to Neoma Moody for my pretty poinsettia she and granddaughter and friend brought by Monday evening.

Jerry Miller was out early Monday morning and stopped in to visit me.

Her two nephews from Tennessee are here and staying inside on account of the snow and cold instead of their usual hunting. She said her renters water pipes had froze so they had problems.

Also others who lost loved ones include the Floyd Graham, Cap Porter, Vena Shaffer and Eula Wallace families.

The fundraising quilt made by Ted and Ethel DeWeese to benefit the kitchen at Lilly Ridge Church project was won by Mrs. Ellen Fuller of Theodosia who purchaed the winning ticket.

The Christmas program will be Sunday night, December 22nd at 6 p.m. since it was cancelled last week.

Many of us who have enjoyed cans of soup need to check out the high amount of sodium that we consume, not good for our health.

More news next week.