Greetings from snowy Tecumseh. News is scarce except of ice and then snow and more snow. Seven to 8 inches were reported for our area, but when I looked out at my trash can lid Saturday morning there must have been 12-14” of snow on it piled high.

My birdfeeders were covered with icicles. I haven’t been able to get out and refill them since my granddaughter Dana filled them before Thanksgiving, and then my daughter Karen and a great-grandson refilled them on Thanksgiving Day.

The first day of the storm, a good neighbor, Ernie Stone, brought my mail in from the mailbox and handed me some firewood from all the porch. My porch was covered with snow that had blown in.

I do put on my knee-high boots and wade the snow to the mailbox once a day. It’s slick because there’s ice under the snow.

My granddaughter Dana had brought me some firewood and left on my porch before the snow came. I’ll run out of that firewood after today and have to use my propane. But gas heat doesn’t warm me like my wood-burning Ashley heater. They have cast- iron grates and last for years. This is probably only the second one I’ve owned in my lifetime.

My daughter Kris Luebbert flew from Wichita to Portland, Ore., last week, and en route she passed through Dallas just ahead of the snow and ice storm that hit that area. She missed it by just a few hours. She’s in Tillamook, Ore., now with her significant one, Richard, and then will return to her home in Lindsborg, Kans., on Dec. 20. She’s coming down here for Christmas.

My car hasn’t been out of the carport since last Monday. I’ve told these items by phone to Sue Ann at the Times office, and she typed them up for me.

Hopefully I’ll have more news next week. Merry Christmas to all!