We were happy to see Mike and Stacie Hamby this week when they stopped by for a little visit.

We also, congratulate David and Megan Hamby on their wedding which took place on Sunday, Dec. 15, at Walnut Grove Church.

We are enjoying a few days of relief from snow and frigid temperatures.

Others visiting in our home this week were, Vern and Kathleen Deatherage, Donna Bannister, Synthia Bishop, Bevy Moore, Beth Stafford, Johnathon Snelson, Nellie Vogali, Missy Breshears and Chrissie.

On Monday, Donna Bannister, Synthia Biship, Delmar and I made a trip to Springfield to meet up with Frank and Velma Rosseau. We also stopped by Ozark and visited with Becky Carter for a little bit.

On Monday evening the ladies from Walnut Grove Church met at Ruby’s Cafe and enjoyed a good meal, exchanged Christmas gifts and found out who our secret sisters had been this year. We then drew names for next year’s secret sister.

I have been very busy making candies, cookies and wrapping gifts.

I talked to Aunt Violet Morris and she seems to be doing pretty good but Uncle Hugh Morris is going downhill every day.

I had a call from Iowa one day this week from Mr. Johnson who was inquiring about Aunt Violet and Uncle Hugh Morris.

I tried a recipe for Angel Meringue Kisses that Aunt Violet had found in the Rural Missouri magazine. They turned out good. Delmar didn’t care for them, but I like them really well.

I talked with Brother Johnny Moles one day this week and was really glad to see him.

Until next week, have a blessed week.