Rock Chapel Freewill Baptist Church

Prayers requests today:  Jim Bunch, Cathy Hicks family, Francis Marler, Charles Dean, Ben VanDivort, Robert Jones’ wife, Lois Flageolle, Lola Dennis is doing great, Monte Housley’s grandson W.J. (back surgery), Shelby Moore-upcoming ankle surgery, Steven Marler (nose surgery), and Glenda Jones (back problems).

Today Mike Housley led us in Christmas songs, which we all love.  Lola Dennis once again provided the church with beautiful Christmas flower arrangements from Spice Berry in Mtn.Grove. The choir sang, as well as, Stanley Jones. Shelby Moore announced new Daily Breads on back table; he read thank you cards from the Wright Co. Children’s Home for our donations, and Everett and Sam Jenkins for donations to the God’s Storehouse.

Birthdays:  Kennedy, Samantha Smith, Pat Moore, Trent Jones, Eva Housley, and Norman Virtue.

Announcements:  Ladies Christmas party Wednesday, December 18, at 5:30 p.m.  The Christmas Program and Christmas Dinner will be on December 22, starting at 11 a.m.

Congratulations to Chelsie (Housley) Jones- college graduate!!

Christmas cards to all in mailboxes.

Bro. Rick thanked Shelby Housley and Van Renfrow for cleaning the parking lot and steps; and thanked Sharon Renfrow for cleaning the church for services today.  Chelsie Jones taught Children’s Church today.  Bro. Rick and Helen were presented a nice card from their church family for Christmas.  Bro. Rick’s sermon was from Mark 6: 17-29.  He told us the story of Herod and how his command caused the beheading of John the Baptist.  Herod admired John the Baptist.  Herod got himself in trouble by promising to fulfill an oath.  He felt he could not back down possibly because of pride (he would have to admit that he was wrong).  He was thinking of his reputation and his image. “We don’t deserve to be proud.  When pride cometh, then cometh shame”.  We need to be humble and submissive to God.  Herod could have put his foot down, and said ‘no’, this is an evil thing, and I will not do this.  He possibly did not want to deal with his wife, Herodias, if he changed his mind.  Herod was exceedingly sorry that he did it afterwards, and probably did not have many happy days after that.  Doing the right thing can be risky and dangerous, but it would have been the ‘Christian’ thing to do.  Bro. Rick reminded us, that we need to keep God’s order right.  Christ is the head of every man, and man is the head of his home.

Questions:  Call Bro. Rick Batten 683-5657 or 250-0918.  Community welcome to the Christmas program and dinner on December 22 at 11 a.m.