Red Bud News

A good morning to all our friends, neighbors and our readers. We hope everyone had a safe and good weekend. Also a good Thanksgiving holiday that was last Thursday.

We send get-well wishes to all the sick, the ones in the hospitals and the nursing homes.

Our sympathy to all who have lost loved ones. May God bless you in your time of sorrow. Our thoughts are with you.

We say Happy Birthday to everyone who has one at this time. May you have a great day with many more to come is our wish for you.

No news turned in for the week, but Miss Lois Graham has had some visitors and phone calls due to the loss of her brother, Floyd Graham.

Now on to the going on of Norma’s activities on Thursday. We had a Thanksgiving get-together at the home of Jerry Lee Watkins for a great meal and a lot of talking, laughs and trying to stay out of the leaf pile that was the highlight of the afternoon. A great time was had by all. Then on Saturday off to the farm to go to Springfield for a birthday party for grandson, Lane Watkins, who was six that day. Lane is the son of Arlen “Bud” and Peggy Watkins of Brushyknob.

The meeting place was at Chuck E. Cheese’s. A place where all young children want to go. Now it is beginningto look a lot like Christmas with all the lights that are in place for the holidays. I am sure there are other things going on, but my mind just went blank and that is nothing new so have¬† good week.

Stay warm, safe and healthy.

Until next week, I’ll sign off.

Jesus loves you.