Red Bank Church

Greetings.  My ruler measured six and one-half inches of snow that fell at our house.  I hear that Ava residents received from eight to twelve inches.  This snow was not only beautiful, but it was perfect constituency to make snow ice cream; dry and fluffy.  Gary insisted that we make some sugar free, snow ice cream so I hurried to gather some clean looking snow that had fell on top of our picnic table, before a bird had a chance to fly over it.  I didn’t have regular milk, but I did have two cans of evaporated coconut milk.  I whipped together, four eggs, one and one half cups of diet sweetener, two teaspoons of vanilla, a dash of salt and one can of the milk.  Then I proceeded to heat the mixture until it began to thicken.  Using a beater to keep the mixture smooth, I poured in the second can of milk and then placed it all in the freezer to cool before mixing it into the snow that I had gathered.  Gary loved it.  We both sprinkled a little nutmeg on top for even greater flavor.

I turned the radio on Sunday morning and heard that nearly every church in Ava had cancelled their church service.   We didn’t cancel service at Red Bank, but our congregation has the understanding that if they feel that the roads are impassable, it is fine to stay home.  In fact, it would be a very wise decision.  As it turned out, only a hand full of folks ventured out to church.  Gary and I included.  Brother Lauren was also there.  He was glad to be back home again after visiting family for the Thanksgiving holiday.  We spent some time bringing him up to date on some plans that our church had made to celebrate the Christmas season.  Gary led in some hymns.  Brother Lauren read from Psalms and then had a dismissal prayer that included prayer request.

On Sunday, Dec. 22, there will be a special, variety Christmas program held directly after Sunday school.  Brother Lauren will then present a message from God’s Word.  After Church service, members and guest will be dismissed to enjoy a Christmas meal together.  All members are encouraged to attend, to Worship the Lord and celebrate God’s very special gift to the World.

Red Bank is also collecting non perishable cans of food for the Harvest of the Hills food pantry.  We are asking that donations be brought in during the next two Sundays and next Sunday please.  Helping others is a wonderful,  meaningful way to give Jesus a gift on His birthday.  He asks nothing more than the giving of one’s self to love Him, believe in Him, and serve Him faithfully.

Wednesday evening children and adults together will make homemade Christmas cards to present them, along with a gift of candy, to residents of the Heart of the Ozarks Healthcare Center and Ava Place as we also sing carols to them.

The Christmas season is a time of experiencing happiness and the joy of giving and receiving.  Even though we would love to think that there is no sadness going on in families at this special time, there are those that are struck by serious illness and the loss of loved ones.  We lost a little one in our extended family this week.  I mentioned at an earlier time that my niece’s little great granddaughter, Deanna Snyder, had been struck with a rare disease that caused an inoperable tumor to grow at the base of her brain stem. That was eleven months ago.  Her parents were told that there was no known cure for this disease called, “Ponpinegdelo Blastome,” and that children with this disease usually do not live longer than one year.  The doctors tried everything to help Deanna, but they found no procedure that could save her life.  It may be hard to realize any good that could come from such a tragedy, but through it all, Deanna’s father, mother and older brother accepted the Lord as their personal Savior.  Deanna was only seven years old and a lively little girl that was loved by all that met her.  I know her family finds great peace in the fact that she is in God’s loving arms, free from the pain she was experiencing ; a pain that would have never gone away.

That’s all for now.  Take care and remember to be thankful that God gave us his Son so that we can give Him our life and have the promise of Eternal Life with Him.