Red Bank Church

Hello everyone.  Well, the first part of this week has been full of calm, warm, beautiful weather, but, according to the weather report, we are headed for rough seas ahead.  Gary and I were in Greenville, Texas and headed for Oklahoma City, OK, during the blast of bad weather that hit in those areas last weekend.  In fact, we stayed an extra day at our daughter, Mitzi’s, house before traveling on to our son’s house because of the ice and snow storm that hit there.   I hope it doesn’t get that bad here.  Our children had been after us to come for a visit so Gary and I decided to surprise them and show up in their front yard without telling them we were coming.  Believe me, they were all in shock.  Gary has always wanted to investigate the area that his ancestors helped to settle so for the first part of our trip, we traveled to North Carolina.  In Rowan County, Gary met several of his long lost cousins, and visited some of the original churches that they helped to found.  To our surprise we found a new, brick church building that had been built at the site of an original church that we had spent time looking for actually named, The Lyerly Evangelical Church.  Every one we talked to spoke well of the church.  In researching the Lirley roots, Gary found that there are at least 30 different spellings of his family’s name.  In Illinois, it is spelled, Lierley.   After that enjoyable experience, we traveled on to Silver Springs, Fl., to visit with our daughter, Cindy, and family.  The Smoky Mountains were a sight to behold and so was the Gulf Coast with sandy beaches and water that reached farther than the eye could see.  We spent several days visiting with family, and basking in the warm sunshine of Florida.  While there we picked oranges and kumquats that grew in our daughter’s yard.  That was a neat experience.   Gary and I were overjoyed to be able to visit each of our children’s church and church families.  Needless to say, we enjoyed many Thanksgiving dinners.  At least the Turkey was cooked differently at each of the meals, such as, baked, chicken fried and deep fried.  At Cindy’s house, we were served venison steak.  That was a nice change.   After waiting out the weather an extra day, we traveled on to Oklahoma City to visit with our son and his family.  It was so great to be able to spend time visiting with our children and our nine grandchildren,  some of whom we hadn’t seen in two years or more.  But, throughout all our travels, home felt the best.

Last week’s Sunday morning service at Red Bank began with hymns led by Gary Lirley.  Jerry Huff gave the morning welcome.  The Worship service hymns were led by Jake Hampton.  Celebrating his birthday with a mission offering was Jerry Huff.  Tattie Maggard provided special music by playing a hymn on her recorder flute which everyone enjoyed immensely.

Brother Lauren Page, our pastor, had to be gone this Sunday.  We had a supply pastor that was supposed to take his place, but at the last minute, he had to cancel.  Because of this situation, a testimony of Thanksgiving was led by Gary Lirley.  It turned out to be a very inspirational service.

Gary and I stopped in to visit with Maxine Lirley to see how she was doing.  When we got to her room, we found that she already had company. Stan and Dottie Adams had also stopped in to visit with her while they were here to visit with their siblings and families.   It was a pleasant surprise for us to get to visit with them too.  Others visiting with Maxine that week were Jeane Huff, James and Debbie Lirley and Ralph Laughlin.  Maxine said that she had been feeling pretty well.  She had been busy traveling to her dentist, her ear doctor, her surgeon, and cancer physician.  She will soon begin mild Chemotherapy in the form of a pill.  I’m not sure just how mild the therapy will be for her, but we will pray that she will not suffer any bad effects from taking it.  We love her very much as many others do also.  Please keep her in your prayers.

I guess I had better wind down and get this emailed to the Herald.  Take care.  Remember to keep plenty of water stored up in case this storm gets rough.