Quad Cities

12-7-13. Dear Readers: Here’s hoping you’re doing well and had a Happy Thanksgiving with family, loved ones and food. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner twice. Once at daughter’s Anita and Carl’s in Muscatine and again at Lisa’s family Restaurant with family members of Walt’s too. They seem like family to me and my family seems like family to Walt. They all are such nice, good people.

Walt’s brother, Frank D. called Walt from the hospital. We sure were happy to hear from him. He’s in a private room now, but still has to be there a while. I sure hope he gets out in time to be home for Christmas. It sure was a shock to everyone. He was always so healthy.

It’s a beautiful sunshiny day cold, but the sun sure helps. We’re supposed to get a little snow, but not much. As usual I feel sorry for the ones all around in the U.S. who are getting all that bad weather. And of course, all the ones who had everything destroyed in those terrible tornadoes. It is a miracle more lives weren’t lost. I thank the Lord for that.

We got a beautiful card and beautiful Christmas letter and also a very nice picture from Bill and Cheryl White and June Cross. They live in Tennessee. Cheryl is Frank D. Allison’s daughter and June is Bill’s mother. I miss seeing them. I always loved talking to June. She’s such a super sweet lady. I would like to say “hello” to them as I haven’t sent my Christmas cards out yet. Also I would like to congratulate Virginia (Moore) Linder – sorry I probably misspelled it – on her retirement. Good for you. You’ve worked there every since I can remember and you still remembered me when I go in the Ava Drug. You knew me as Faye Maggard.

Take care of yourselves, bye, bye for now.