Quad Cities

12-1-13. Well, it won’t be 2013 much longer will it? I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving weekend holiday. We sure did. To meet everyone’s schedules we had my family dinner on Saturday the 30th at daughter, Anita and Carl’s. Those in attendance were Anita and Carl, Kelly, Carl’s brother ( I can’t think of his name right now) and Lisa, Joe, Jared, Carrie, Zoie Anita’s dad, Trevis Twitty, Walt and yours truly. I enjoyed being with my family so much. The ones not there were great-grandson, Jacob and Carl’s daughter and her family. Their little girl will be two in January and Walt’s great grandson, Jaxon, will be two in February. I sure would like to get him and Ember Rain together for a pic. They’re both so cute.

As always we had an abundance of good food. We are so lucky and thankful to have plenty of food, clothing and warm homes to live in. We really like the electric heat here in the apartment. So far we’ve only had the one in the kitchen on and it’s been plenty warm all through the house and has been getting down as low as 12 degrees some nights. The weather has really been nice most days and mostly sunny. I love that.

On Sunday we had another Thanksgiving dinner. It was wonderful. This time we had Walt’s daughter, Berta, from Davenport, her daugher, Amy from East Moline and her little boy, Jaxon. We were so glad they could be there and Walt’s niece, Renee, who lives in Muscatine and then all of us there  at Anita’s on Saturday except Lisa’s fiancee, Joe and Anita’s husband, Carl and his brother weren’t there. We all met at granddaughter, Lisa’s restaurant in Muscatine. So we had some very good food, as usual and so much wonderful visiting. My family had never met Renee, Amy and Jaxson, so it’s good all of them got to meet. Turns out Renee just got married and moved to Muscatine and lives in Ripley’s trailer park where Anita lives. We haven’t met Renee’s new hubby yet. She said he was busy working on a shed and didn’t want to quit that. But we plan to meet Renee there pretty often now. She is the daughter of the late Dale Allison from Ava, MO. She is really, really nice and calls me Aunt Faye and that makes me feel good. All of mine and Walt’s family members who were there are super nice and good people.

We had a really nice phone visit with Walt’s son, Randy, who lives in Minnesota and drives a semi all over the United States. He said his wife had bought a new car and they might come down here before long to see us. We’ve not seen them for a long time and they’re really good people too and treat me really good also. Randy always tells me how glad I’m with his dad and says I’m the best hing that every happened to him. And he said Berta feels the same way. Berta has told me that too. So you can imagine how good that makes me feel.

Walt’s step-son that he raised, Bud Carr, works for John Deere and was transferred to Kansas City for a few years and now he’s back here and bought a house in East Moline. We got to see him we we were pet sitting in East Moline. So maybe we’ll get to see him more now. He’s family too. All my family and Walt’s family that have met like each other. Maybe we can get Bud to meet us at the restaurant too.

And now for the bad news. A dear friend of mine and Walt’s brother, Frank D. Allison had a major stroke. He’s had some surgery done the week before and I think it took amost all day. Then I talked to him on the phone the following Saturday to see how he was doing and he sounded good and joking about his daugther that’s staying with him and taking care of him. That’s, Shelly. And he said, “She won’t let me do anything.” She says, “Don’t do this and don’t do that.” I told him to listen to his “nurse” daughter and do as she tells him to. He’s got three wonderful daughters that couldn’t treat him any better. That is wonderful and I think it was on Monday after I talked to him on Saturday, Walt got a call that he was in the hospital with a stroke. I guess it was massive, because he’s been in ICU in Davenport’s Genisio West. He was on all the life support, including a feeding tube. He hasn’t been allowed any visitors or phone calls. We just heard yesterday that he’s doing well enough that they moved him to a private room. So far it doesn’t seem like there’s a sign of any impairments anywhere. He’s always been so healthy and hadn’t been to a doctor for 6 years. We’ve been praying our hardest for him and we’ve been having some very anxious moments. We can’t wait to see him and give him a big hug and tell him again how much we love him.

It’s cloudy and breezy this morning. We’re supposed to get some rain, snow and really cold weather later on this week.

State Farm sent me a book of stamps so I guess they still want to get my nutty letters and pictures I send to them. They also sent me a big card that says on the front, “Know what I like about you?” and on the inside “You’re the same kind of crazy like me, the right kind.” It plays music, but I haven’t figured out what it is yet and they all signed their names. Sure keeps me cheered up especially when I was so sick and depressed.

Well, I may of written too much, but trying to make up for lost time. So take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.