Quad Cities

Dear Readers: I hope you’re staying as warm as possible in this cold weather. It sure hit us all at once. We were spoiled by how nice the weather stayed for so long. We’re still not doing too bad. We had one snowfall of just one inch. It was mixed with rain and windy so it was pretty miserable as we had to go to Muscatine for another one of my eye exams. Everything was okay except I had to get new glasses. I could tell I was needing them. I think it’s probably because of the cataracts. We didn’t even stop to eat that day. Just got what we needed from the store and came on home. Then we got a little bit of snow after that. It stuck on the ground, but not enough to cover it. So far we’re keeping nice and warm and just been using the heat in the kitchen and not turned up all the way. This morning they had the big Thanksgiving/ Festival of Trees parade in Davenport and it was 12 degrees, but felt like 2 degrees. Tonight it’s supposed to get down to 2 degrees, but don’t know what the windchill will be.

Frank Dee Allison has been having some health issues, but  Ithink he’s doing okay now. I called him to see who all was at his surprise 80th birthday party. He said he didn’t have a list of the names, but he got 48 cards and a lot of them had several names signed on them so he thinks over 100 people were there. I sure wish we could have went. We’ve had so many appointments this month we haven’t had time for much else. I had two eye appointments, several doctor appointments for blood work  and the infection I had and I was low on red blood and calcium so I’m taking iron pills and Tums for the calcium. Then I go back the 29th for more blood work. Walt had one dr. appointment and an appointment at Lujack’s to get the car serviced, but he made those for the same day so just had to go once. He has another appointment on Tuesday to talk to the doctor on the 30th. We will go to Anita and Carl’s for our family Thanksgiving dinner. Then the next day Berta and her daughter, Amy and Amy’s little boys are supposed to come and visit us.

Last Tuesday we went to Muscatine and took a load to Goodwill. We did some shopping and visited with Lisa, her grandpa, Trevis and waitresses and other staff members. They’re all so nice and treat us so good. We’re going to meet Walt’s niece, Renee there sometime before long. It will have to be on the weekend, as she works during the week. She lives in Muscatine now, but still works in Geneseo, IL.

It’s so good that we’re going to get to see so many of our family and relatives in the next week or so.

I have really been sick, but much better now, except I’m still weak. Part of that is probably low iron in my blood. Since I’m taking iron now that should fix me right up.

I’m still having fun with my State Farm agent, Jimmie Livermore and his staff in Davenport. They sent me a card for Whitey’s Ice Cream so I got a double dip banana split with two toppings (Walt got one too) so I write and told them I felt so good after I ate it I ran up Walt’s mountain backwards and sent them a picture of me on the top and you could just barely see me so they sent me a card for another one so I could run up there backwards again. So this time I told them after I ate my ice cream I ran up Walt’s mountain backwards and ran circles around him at the same time. I said, “It’s the first time I ever saw him cry, so I’m gonna let him win next time because after all it is his mountain.” So I hope they get a laugh out of that and some other things I told them and sent them.

Ya’ll take care of yourselves and bye, bye for now.