Oak Grove Church

The past week was a busy and joyful one for us at Oak Grove. On Saturday we saw the wedding of Brayden Charles Ritter and Elena Andrea Cornstubble. Mr. and Mrs. Ritter reside in Bolivar, but came together with family and friends here to share the joy of their marriage and the beginning of their life together. At the reception the cake cutting was spirited and enjoyed by everyone. They handled a very sticky situation with the proper decorum and only suffered sugar shock from the experience.

They are a lovely couple and have our prayers and best wishes for their journey through life together.

Sunday morning we studied the story of Christ’s birth, “Yes I know that may seem a bit unusual given the time of the year,” nonetheless, we all enjoyed hearing the wonderful story of the Savior’s birth once again.

Instead of our usual Sunday morning worship service, we were treated to a program of songs and narration; of course this program had something to do with the same subject we studied in our Sunday school lesson, go figure.

After morning services we adjourned to the fellowship hall for dinner and fellowship, I know you have heard the phrase before, but really…”a good time was had by all.”

Also, lest you should think I forgot, reserved seating was available, and you really should have been there. Come join us next week and we pray you are blessed this Christmas and throughout the coming year.