Oak Grove Church

Our Sunday morning service was very special for several reasons, most importantly because the Holy Spirit was with us throughout the Sunday school service and worship service. Also we had three very special guests, who came all the way from Taiwan to visit family and came to be with us in worship Sunday morning, Josh Bentley, Coleston “Channing” Bentley and Caitlyn Bentley. We had not seen Josh in about four years and it was great to see him and his wonderful children.

The morning message was, “Giving Unto The Lord,” taken from chapter 35 of Exodus, where Moses tells the people to “bring an offering, unto the Lord.” The point being we tend to “give to the church” and then require our say in what “the church” does with our funds. If we all would bring our offering “unto the Lord,” we would be less likely to try to tell Him, how to use “our” funds, because if we truly give them to Him, they are then His to do with as He will.

The evening service was somewhat of a follow through of the morning service because we went on to Exodus 36, where Moses had to tell the people to stop giving, because they brought “more than enough” to complete the work of the Lord.

The RESERVED plaque was on your seat, but it really doesn’t serve much purpose if you don’t come to sit there. Come join us for worship service any time, we would love to have you as our guest.