Mt. Tabor Church

A very Merry Christmas to everyone as we complete another year at Mt. Tabor Church. We appreciate those who have been so faithful to come and especially those who visited during the year.

Bro. Ric read Luke 2 and brought a traditional Christmas message. We had some songs, poems and testimonies in our morning service followed by gifts from the church for Bro. Ric and Lisa, as well as dollies for Breann and Holly and Bentley.

We sang Happy Birthday to Kay Hutchison and also gave treats to all from church.

Imogene Madewell is feeling fine after a scare which turned out to be a medication problem.

Martin Hathcock visited Tom and Rosie Harris and Harold and Kay Hutchison Thursday afternoon. Martin is planning a trip to son, Bob’s at Union for the holidays.

Don and Evelyn Bryan visited Tom and Jewell Elliott and Harold and Kay Hutchison bringing Christmas goodies and cards.

James Elliott visited Tom and Jewell on Saturday.

Imogene and Clifford Madewell stopped by Harold and Kay Hutchison’s on their way to church Sunday morning with lots of sweets!

Gary and Stephanie Mishler came to Ava Friday evening and stayed until Monday morning with the Harold Hutchisons. Jeff, Kristy and Steven Tackett joined the group on Saturday morning, staying until Sunday afternoon. Morgan Clements spent Saturday night and Dan and Kim Clements visited Monday morning. They had an early Christmas on Saturday. Harlin called Sunday to wish his mom, “Happy Birthday,” December 22.

God bless all, is our wish.