Little Creek

What a wonderful first day of December and the Sabbath.

Church services were good with Brian leading prayer service and Danny leading the lesson in Revelations. I appreciated them singing my song.

Miss Autum was there and she and Nicole do good singing.

Kent’s text was taken from Acts and it was an anointed message.

It is always good to be with the church family and be all in harmony and love. Makes the week go smoothly.

Rev. Ray Dobbs is bring the messeage next Sunday. Everyone is welcome to join us. We are small in number, but Jesus is in the midst.

Our Thanksgiving dinner was on Friday and all my children and spouses and some of my grandchildren wer present. We had a good day together and Kasey’s surprise dish was revealed as “squirrel pot pie” after it was eaten with relish.

On Thursday which was Thanksgiving day, I spent with Kent and Kasey. They were here baking and cleaning. Kent made the pumpkin pies and cake and Kasey made the green bean casserole and the squirrel dish.

The turkey was prepared to perfection by Greg and Nicole brought the excellent ham. She and I made dressing and Kim and Karen prepared the rest. Kevin brought drinks and that was my news.

The previous Sunday we all enjoyed a birthday celebration at church honoring Jean on her birthday. She doesn’t want told how old she is so I won’t mention that.

Kim came the night before and went to church. We stayed and participated in the services that night. Bro. Nathan Humbyrd brought the message. It was a very good day and evening.

And I loved every minute spent with my daughter, Kim. I don’t get to see her very often.

Kent and Ruth had their families for Thanksgiving dinner at the lake house. Misty cooked the dinner and the grandchildren were enjoyed.

Jim and Jean Frye had 24 family members present for Thanksgiving dinner. Jean and her girls with Autum went to Mountain Home shopping on Friday. Miss Autum spent her birthday money and spent it wisely. She was sporting some classy boots Sunday.

Jean and Autum walked over to Jo’s Sunday afternoon and visited with her.

So now we can put up the Christmas tree and listen to Christmas music. In my humble opinion the shopping is for the birds. That’s not what Christmas is about. I’d be happy to hang a stocking and get an orange and an apple as in days of old. We usually got a dress that Mom made. One memorable Christmas my Aunt Elvia sent us porcelain baby dolls from California.  That memory is still vivid and one year Uncle Jack and Aunt Myrtle sent a Christmas box to my grandpa’s with a gift for everyone. I got a book, ” Little Women” and since I’m a readoholic that was the perfect gift.

Back then the gifts were appreciated because they were special and rare. Of course our homemade gifts were made and received with love and we enjoyed Christmas better than we do now with everything so commercialized.

My niece, Robyn, spends three days a week with me so she will put up my little tree and I’ll look foreward and prepare for my kids to come on Christmas Day. Ruth will be retired so everyone can be here.

And so I’ll get this mailed. I must apologize to Hester Tidwell for not getting some news she gave me in the paper, but her girls, Jan Snelling, Joyce Kaufman brought lunch and helped Hester celebrate her 92nd birthday on November 8th. The notes got misplaced, sorry.

I very much enjoyed visiting ‘via’ phone with my cousin, Vonda, last night. She is not long distance so I don’t understand why we don’t talk more often. Vonda and Ron host their family celebration for Christmas.