I hope the woolie worm we saw is right. Black on each end and a whole lot of brown in the middle. Winter will start off bad then have a long nice break of good weather only to end up with more bad weather. I hope Ron Hurst the weatherman is right and the blizzard which is suppose to start December 21st will miss us.

Ralph and Melissa Hutchinson have a new grandson, Jase Ethan, born Friday, December 13. Proud parents are Clint and Deanna Porter. Proud brother is Lane, who is excited.

Our neighbor, Jerry Nelson, has been in and out of the hospital lately. Remember him in your prayers.

Sympathy sent to Pauline Welkers family and others who have lost loved ones. Sunday night I heard Mom’s nephew, Willard Shortt passed away.

Garrison had 59 out Sunday. Their Christmas program is this Sunday night, December 22 at 6:30 p.m. Everyone welcome. Treats will be passed out.

Ther roads have been slick and the mailman left our mail at my sisters. We stopped Sunday to get it and it was slick. I had James go in and get it. Sybil’s grandson, Keith Williams was putting up her Christmas tree.

Brady and Paig Herd brought their daughter for the first time to church Sunday. Heidi is a pretty baby. Tyler and Kari Rozell brought ther baby son, Cross, also. Tyler’s grandma, Rozell’s maiden name was Cross. He is a handsome little fellow. Another pretty baby. They have two other girls that are very pretty.

Phyllis Bloomer visited Saturday at her aunt, Sybil Harvill’s and brought her a flower. Debbie Harvill also visited. Glad to hear Phyllis’s grandson is better. He was in a car accident. Phyllis also visited another aunt, Janie Morrison.

John Siler and grandson brought our fruit to us last week. Rex Halcomb visited one day.

Merry Christmas to all my readers and a Happy New Year. I want to welcome Donna Loveland, who is helping write news for Mt. Olive Church. She does a good job. My mom and hers were first cousins. I have missed both of them very much. She adds it on to my column. Her husband Jerry is the pastor at Mt. Olive.

Clint and Colton Marler sure had nice deer pictures in the paper. Kaylee Evans had a nice one I got to see it up close. Colton wrote in Bears New I shot and it dropped. I wrote about mine and got tickled. Hunters say when you kill something you butchered. Anyway, congrats go to all the kids who got to kill a big buck. Good luck next time.