Rex and Shirley Halcomb went Friday evening and put Christmas flowers on our families graves at Highlonesome.

Thanksgiving Day Rex and Shirley and Junior and Betty had dinner at David Halcomb’s.

Chris and Christy Lakey hosted a Thanksgiving dinner at their home. Attending were Wendy Crossland, Hunter and Shelby, Tim Pogue, Daniel Lakey, Goldie Lakey, Tray Greene, Kathy Lunday, Amanda and Chad Medley, Brady and Ashlee Rowland, James and Linda Orick and Christy and Kathy’s co-worker, Colleen and son of Springfield. There was lots of food and chatting.

George and Janie Morrison enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at Jean Loomis’s. Those also there were Bo. Racheal, Jayme and Calab Morrison, Rhonda Stokes, Leslie, Dale and Dylan, Kyle and Lane.

Janie Morrison and Phyllis Bloomer visited Iona Maggard and she enjoyed their visit. Remember Iona in your prayers.

Lisa Ellison had Thanksgiving Saturday at Barbara and Bob Days.

Garrison Church was down to 45. Several were out sick and some still having late Thanksgiving with their families. Lisa and Wyatt Ellison sang a special song. Pastor James preached from John 10:1-6. December 22 at 6:30 p.m. Garrison will have their Christmas program. All are welcome.

Sunday night Bro. Scott Newell preached. He is a young man just starting out. He is the late Rev. Tommy Bilyue’s grandson. Scott sang and Melany Stevens sang.  It was a very good crowd and several were there from Lone Star Church were he goes.

I hope and pray Arthur Stamper gets well soon. I heard he had a heart attack while dragging a deer this season. Lots of sick folks and lots of bad things going on in our world.

I hate to lose our nice weather. A very nice 93 year old man told James at church Monday he was stocking up on supplies and then he was going to den up. Good thinking Buddy.

Mt Olive Missionary Church:

We enjoyed another beautiful Sunday in our neck of the woods. God is good. Our church service opened with prayer The 23rd Psalms. It is good to live in a country where we can enjoy the freedom to worship and praise God. The Holy Spirit was working in hearts today as our worship service also opened with the 23rd Psalm. God knows what we need to hear and meditate upon. “The Lord is my Shepherd…” such a beautiful scripture. God cares for us with a love that is above anything we can comprehend. His grace is truly amazing.  We started having evening services again this Sunday at 6:30, and the Holy Spirit blessed our church with another good message from God, as Brother Ray Dobbs preached the evening message. He started out by saying how good it was to see the lights back on “on the hill” at Highlonesome on Sun. night and got a lot of “amen’s” to that.  He spoke of a long-suffering God, and how his mercy is the only reason the world still stands. It is His will that all be saved. We must keep teaching the truth of the Bible and never stop serving the Lord.

Janie Morrison and Phyllis Bloomer visited with Sister Iona Maggard and said she was doing much better.  Prayer was requested for Bob’s brother, Ronnie Day, who is not feeling well.

Tina and Phyllis stayed after church and worked with the kids on the Christmas play. We need more kids so please come and join in.  They will practice again right after church next Sunday. Our Christmas program will be December 14th, at 6:00 p.m.  Everyone welcome.

Prayer is the most important conversation of the day. Take it to God before you take it to anyone else.