Girdner Church

What a wonderful day we had Sunday. We had a great service at church! Then we had our children and grandchildren over for our Christmas dinner and gift exchange. Larry and Kay came over to visit also. It sure is good to see and visit with everyone. All the grandbabies are growing up. I sometimes wonder, where did the time go.

The kids and grandchildren went to the creek in honor of Joe and skipped rocks, something they had done in past years after dinner. Sure missed him this year, so glad for great memories!

Sis. Maxine preached from Isaiah 7:14, a virgin birth. Last week she asked us to ponder on what Christmas really meant to us and think and ponder as Mary did at his birth. Most of my thoughts kept going back to Mary’s pondering. I wondered just what she thought about. I wondered if she looked at baby Jesus and said to herself, this child of mine, he will do a great thing, for I know he is the son of God. I wondered if she had a thought of  the awful death he would someday go through, for someone like me, who did not deserve such a great love.

I wondered what Joseph thought about. He knew he wasn’t Jesus’ father, but loved him as his own. So many things to ponder on this time of year. I am so thankful, my thoughts go to the birth of Jesus at this Christmas celebration time. I hope all will do the same this year, and know that Jesus, really is the reason for this celebration.

Sis. Maxine brought out so many things about Jesus in her message today. One of the things she said was Jesus was like no other man. His birth was like no other birth. No other man was born to a virgin woman, and have a heavenly father. No other man, but Jesus. She brought out that Adam, had no mother or father. Eve was made from Adam’s rib, no father or mother. Lots of things to think on, things I knew but seemed to come to life as Sis. Maxine was preaching.

She ended her message with, Do you believe Jesus was born to a virgin named Mary, and the holy spirit , God, is His father? If you do believe and yet you have not accepted Christ as your savior, then all of this, you do believe is for nothing. For without Christ in your heart, you will miss heaven.

Sunday night Sis. Maxine preached in Job 42. This will be the last of the study and messages she will be preaching on Sunday nights from Job. It has been very good to hear all her messages from Job. In this chapter, you see God telling Job to pray for his friends who have been, as Sis. Maxine puts it, miserable comforters. I’m ashamed to say I have been there myself as that miserable comforter. God rebukes Job’s friends for the things they had said to him. We need to do as Job, and pray for those who are not as good as friends as they should be, God will take care of the rest if we just do our part. It may take awhile, maybe years, but God will be the winner. We just have to do what he wants us to do.

Sis. Maxine shared several things with us, as she said, chew on this week. The one that will stick with me is, it is easier to change YOUR attitude , than to change the circumstance. I will think on this one and try to do more of changing my attitude.

Hope you all have had a very blessed Christmas, and are getting ready for a great new year in 2014!