Girdner Church

We had a great Sunday here at Girdner. Sis. Maxine started off our service Sunday with a wonderful message from Luke 2. Seems the story of Jesus’ birth is always anew every year! She spoke of how excited the shepherds, angels, and wise men were when they saw baby Jesus and knew the Messiah had been born, but what about the rest of that country? Were they excited? Had they heard that a Messiah would be born, just as we have heard. He is coming again, and yet still, do we believe?! And then there was Mary. In Luke 2:19 it says, she pondered all these things in her heart. Oh, what she must have pondered.

Sunday night we had our Christmas play. What a wonderful job done by all!!! I am so proud of all our children and adults who were so good to help out. We even had some come from other churches to help and we so appreciated that.

Sis. Maxine gave us a challenge at the end of the service Sunday. It was to take 15 minutes a day and just ponder, as Mary did , on Jesus’ birth and what it means to us. On all the things that Christ has done for us and why God gave his only Son to die for you.

We wish everyone a very Merry Christmas. Enjoy your families and remember the real reason for celebrating Christmas, JESUS.