Thought I’d try and write a little dab of news this week. We’ve had quite a lot of winter, before winter even starts. I stayed in over a week and it is still slick at my mailbox. Joe Heath has brought my mail to me. I appreciate my good neighbors.

Then last Wednesday Karen Fredrick came and got me and we went to Mountain Grove, then on Thursday we went to Willow Care and saw Agnes. I got most of my shopping done.

I had company on Tuesday, Trish Russell visited me then on Tuesday evening Janet Smith visited me.

Don Haney had to go for an MRI last week. He is having back problems.

Ann Collins spent Tuesday and Wednesday nights in Mountain Grove with Carol Wise and Riley. They took Chris Hartzell to Springfield to catch her plane back to California on Thursday and then did some shopping.

Wednesday night Karen came after me again and we went to Mountain Grove and saw the Christmas at the Elementary School, Isabell Bradshaw was in it then we drove around and looked at the Christmas lights.

I heard yesterday that Lora Leroy had passed. She will be buried here at Gentryville Saturday at the Church of God Cemetery. Sympathy to her family and also to the family of Sandy (Dobbs) Chambers and others who have recently lost loved ones. Also get-well wishes to those who are sick.

I learned of two more December birthdays, but not the dates, Chester Smith and Eunice (Smith) Ackerman.

Until next time, have a blessed Christmas and a safe and healthy New Year.

“For unto you is born this day in the city of David, A Saviour which is Christ The Lord,” Luke 2:11.